The white room experiment

When society forces you to choose between the essential, what will you decide? Cleo had never been the average teenager, but when she gets involved in a crutial government experiment, things just seem to get rarer. She isnt overly smart, but is not disclever either. She has no idea which steps to take for her future, to make her succsesfull yet happy. She is greeted by a variety of different paths though as she is placed into a room with no escape. No third option as she is forced to choose between hot or cold, truth or dare, past or future, and finally life or death...yet its not as straight forward as it seems...



Dr. E Hews pulls on her lab coat, quickly tying her hair in a secure bun, and running her hands under the dis-infector liquid that lay by the door. The door to the room in which they kept the bodies. She walks in expecting to find her partners as the lights are already blazing a bright white. The room is empty, disguarding a few metal tables and the equipment. She turns around confused and hears an alarming click that appeared to have came from the lock. She heads for the door, when suddenly the lights are switched off. There must have been a power cut she assums, as the switch is in front of her. She tries the handle, it was stuck. Suddenly a cool force is displayed in her head, a sharp prick, and then there was nothing.

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