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6. Chapter 5 enjoy <3

Hey everybody time for chapter 5! of "I really don't care!" 

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Chapter 5


(Just continuing on from chapter 4)


Zayn's POV ..

"Are you ok Vicky?" I asked concerned, she looked really upset. 

She didn't answer, she stood there frozen not blinking. no movement what so ever. She opened her mouth to speak.

"Zayn can you please leave me alone" Her lips started trembling, and soon she fell to the ground and started to cry. I ran straight over to Vicky and held her in my arms.


"Vicky i need to ask you something, and i need you to be honest with me!" 

"Okay" She felt very cold and she was shivering like crazy.

"On your forearm are scars, where did they come from?" I held her forearm up.

"Um....." Vicky didn't tell me instead she released herself from my grip and ran into her bathroom, i walked over to the door and lent my head against it.

"Vicky are you ok in there?" I attempted to open the bathroom door, she locked it.

"Zayn can you please leave me alone" I decided i would let her have some space. 

"Okay, i'll be in my room in the basement if you want to talk" i tried to get something out of her but it was no use. I left the room and thought this isn't going to be as easy as I thought.


Vicky's POV

I sat on the toilet seat thinking about what has just happened. I can't believe he found out my secret.... If mum or dad ever find out about this i'm dead. They don't care. They have no idea about me and they never will. I really hope Zayn doesn't mention it to anyone but there's this warm feeling inside of me that I've never felt before. The feeling of trust. It feels good.


Hey everyone, the next chapter will be published tomorrow or Friday, been having a alot of exams lately need to do some revision. please like and favourite :)

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