I really don't care! [ON HOLD]

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5. Chapter 4 enjoy <3

Heeeey everybody here's chapter 4 of "I really don't care!" 

Enjoy <3

p.s. Eve is Vicky's mum, Samuel is Vicky's dad.


Chapter 4

Vicky's POV 

The boys have been staying with us over two weeks now and to be honest it's hell! they won't leave me alone, it's like they're stalking me! they follow me to school and they pick me up from school, they follow me to town when i'm with my friends, it's ridiculous! I just wish they'd stop following me and when i'm at the bathroom, i can hear them whisper about my  behavior and mood, i wish they'd stop.


Niall's POV 

We've been following Vicky for about two weeks now and she's been acting really down and me the lads and I are very worried, I think it's time we talk to Samuel for the next step to take in trying to make her feel better.

We all gathered in the living room while Vicky was out shopping with her mates, We needed to take this up a notch. 

"Right boys!" Says Samuel "What do you need, i'm need to go out soon" His voice wasn't stern but wasn't nice either it was....expressionless.

Liam began to speak, "Well Sam we've been keeping an eye on your daughter for a few weeks and you're right she seems to be very down and we think it's time to take the next step!"

"You may be right boys, i cleaned up her room for her and i found her diary... It was open on her desk, i took a peek and from what i read it seems to be very bad, she has wrote little poems about how how she's feeling and it brought a tear to my eye when i read them, i can't believe my baby girl is feeling this way" Eve started to cry, Samuel held her tight in his arms.

"Well boys, we want you all to be alone with her at different times, make her feel wanted, make her laugh so hard because Vicky hasn't laughed since she was 10, that was eight years ago, it's scary to think she hasn't laughed for that long! anyway report back to us when you get the chance, take turns, Niall you talk to her tonight, Zayn you talk to her when she comes home, Liam you talk to her after dinner, Louis you talk to her tomorrow at breakfast and Harry you talk to her after she comes home from school! Fuck here she comes now act natural!

Vicky enters the house with many shopping bags from high priced stores.

"What'd you buy sweetheart?" Eve asks as Vicky drops her bags on the hardwood floor

"Just some tops some Primark and TOPSHOP and just some other bits i got aswell. what you all talking about?" 

"....NOTHING!" Samuel shouts 

"Wow cool your kiwi fruit! i only asked, anyway i'm away to put this bundle away" Vicky picks up her bags and drags her feet out of the room. 

"Now Zayn go up to her and have a wee chat!" Samuel says nicely. 


Zayn's POV

I knocked on the door to Vickys room, i don't like barging into peoples rooms without permission. Vicky opened the door with her usual facial expression which was nothing, she had no expression on her face her emotions were empty.

"Hey Vicky" I sounded quite polite, she greeted me back with a small cough. I entered her room, the walls were blue and the rest of her room was covered with posters of imagine dragons ;) but apart from the posters her room was plain it wasn't really screaming welcome and i think Vicky thought so as well. I looked at vicky for a second and then i saw them. Scars. Scars on her forearm. i never noticed them before, she must've covered them up with make-up or something, and then that's when i thought about the whole situation..... I wish she would've told someone before doing this to herself no girl or boy should never have to go through this. I made it my goal to save Vicky.


Hey everybody i edited the chapter, i didn't like the end part where they had sex, i'm crap at writing stuff like that so please forgive me thanks 



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