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4. Chapter 3 enjoy<3

Please enjoy the 3rd chapter of i really don't care! 

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Chapter 3 


Eve's POV

I watched Vicky as she jogged up the one mile long hill to our house, she looked really down, something must've happened. 

I picked up a plastic tray full of biscuits and toast for the boys, they're very sweet and they are also very helpful. I walked into the livingroom and set the tray down on the coffee table. 

Samuel (Father) Began to speak. 

"Listen boys we need your help with something and we've thought about it for a long time before inviting you round here, our daughter Vicky, we are very worried about her, she's been acting very sensitive lately and has also been very down, We try to talk to her about it but she doesn't want us knowing what's going on in her mind and to be honest it's bothering us and we don't know what to do anymore, it's gotten so bad she simply doesn't care about life and the people in her life, so that's when you lot come in, we need you to socialize with Vicky and naturally become friends with her" Says Samuel.

Harry opens his mouth to speak "Is that all?"

I cut in "No we wanted you all to delve deeper into her personality and help us find the problem to her sadness"

"Now we will pay you all for helping us find the problem but i'm laying down some ground rules!" My husbands stern voice made the boys flinch " 1.) No taking advantage of my daughter. "2.) Don't upset my daughter and no. 3 don't fall in love with my daughter!" His voice rose up at the last few words of the sentence "Do you all five of you understand? If you break any of these rules there will be consequences!" 

"Yes sir we understand, don't worry we won't let you down, now we must be going soon, back to the studio to record more of our new album" The blonde one spoke.

I hear the sound of footsteps coming from the hall, Vicky must've sprinted up that hill! 

Vicky joins us all in the livingroom where she is greeted with a hello from everyone, she looks very confused.


Vickys POV

 I entered the house to investigate, i heard voices coming from the livingroom i crept down the hall trying not to be noticed but i successfully failed when my mother turned and faced me outside the door, it was too late to run now dammit, why can i never be discreet! I walked into the livingroom only to see my father, mother and one direction sitting on the sofa. I am so confused. Everyone greeted me with hello's I turned to face my mother with a puzzled expression. She began to speak.

"Vicky i hope you don't mind but your father had to host a home for one direction for a couple a months, don't worry the boys will be sleeping in the spare living space in the basement" 

Why. why do one direction have to live in my house, it's not like i hate them but if i had to choose between imagine dragons and One direction, i'd obviously go for Imagine dragons! but as I've said my life isn't perfect and it never will be the way i want it to be, the demons in my mind control me and what i feel is irrelevant to them. 

"We'll leave you six so you can get to know each other" Mum and dad left the room, awkwardness filled the atmosphere and we all just stared into space.

The curly hair one with green eyes began to speak "Hi im Harry, that's Niall, that's Liam, that's Louis, and that's Zayn!" They all smiled at me, i felt very awkward at that point. I'm guessing i should introduce myself.

"I'm Vicky" I managed to provide and small grin for them but the blonde one Nail i think his name is looked at me concerned, he seen right through the fake grin and looked into my eyes, where the demons hide.


Niall's POV

When Vicky introduced herself she didn't seem to happy , i saw through that fake smile and noticed that what Vickys mum and dad said was right, Vicky  in my opinion looked and probably felt depressed, I needed to get to know Vicky more i wanted to fix her so she would be happy no-one deserves to feel like this, but i can't figure out how to introduce the subject to her right now but in the next couple of months she'll realize that the scariest thing in life is when the only person that can save her is herself.


This was the most enjoyable chapter to write, i need a couple of likes before the next chapter because i feel people don't like it and if you don't give me suggestions on how to make it more exciting, i wont take it as hate i'll take it as help. 

-Hannah. :)




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