I really don't care! [ON HOLD]

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Chapter 2

I inserted my earphones into my ears (obviously) and listened to my favourite song by Demi Lovato  "I really don't care" 

"You wanna play, you wanna stay, you wanna have it all
You started messing with my head until I hit a wall
Maybe I should've known, maybe I should've known
That you would walk, you would walk out the door, hey!" 

I didn't realize i was singing so loud when a few people started staring but who gives a fuck! :) 

I went to Starbucks and got a iced tea, if you haven't tried it you should it's Amazayn ;)

I went back outside into the fresh air only to hear a familiar song playing, it was One direction don't ask what the song was called because really that's just a stupid question, only song i know is What makes you beautiful but i don't know it off by heart though why? where you expecting me to? listen if you think i'm some directioner who fan girls over one direction everytime i see or hear about them, you've completely read me wrong! i know i'm not a easy person to read but i think you've could've guessed that! 

I walked closer to where the sound was coming from, soon to find five boys standing on a massive stage with thousands of teenage girls gathering around them screaming their names and trying but not succeeding to grab their legs why are people so obsessed with these boys? why are they so special? 

I didn't realize i was speaking my mind instead of saying them thoughts in my head until every teenage lovestruck girl turned to me, i tell you now if looks could kill i'd be dead, the boys soon finished their song to find every teenage girl to have their eyes on me, i starting to feel really uncomfortable, i strut away as soon as the boys try to make their way forward to me, i didn't want to get mauled by teenagers! thank you very much. 

I made my way to my friend Amelia's apartment, Amelia's mum and dad bought her this fucking amazballs apartment and now she lives on her own. No parents. No worry's. No care in the world about getting caught when having parties! I wish my parents would buy me an apartment, the freedom would do me good. 

DING DONG! I rang the doorbell, Amelia answered in her pajamas and with an ice pack on her head she looked really hung over. 

"Amelia are you okay?" I asked with genuine concern in my voice.

"I'm just fucking amazing... What do you think?! look at me!"

"You don't look to bad! Listen Amelia i was wondering if you wanted to have a sleepover tonight?"

"Listen Vicky, i'm having a bad day today with the hang over and the bills i have to pay so can we do this another night please!" I thought she was going to strangle me right there and then, god she's so grumpy when she's hung over! She slammed the door right in my face, how rude! well i guess i wont be speaking to her  anytime soon! 

I was going to see my other friend Simon but he's in Turkey right now. I have nobody to talk to. I feel so alone. 

I walked down the lane from Amelia's apartment, i decided i should go home. 

I jogged home in record time, i love running and walking and jogging, like music it keeps me alive.

I walk up the road to my housing estate. An unusual car was parked outside my house, i don't recognize it at all ,only people who usually come to visit are my grandparents and some other people in my family. i walk into my house to investigate, i have a big suprise when i see them in the livingroom with my parents..... One direction......


Sorry for the short chapter more juicy stuff in the next one 

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