demon eyes and angel wings

Madison Ivy has demon eyes and angel wings. So which one is she?
(This was for the fantasy comptetion:))


1. another world

Madison Ivy is a 13-year-old who basically runs her school. She has everyone doing stuff for her.Even the teachers!She has never beenbullied in her life and noone has ever tried to stand up to her. She doesn't know how everyone else feels. Until one day she finds a portal in her mirror that brings her into a parallel universe where everyone are angels or demons, but Madison isn't one of those "kinds" because she is both and angel and a demon eyes!She has the eyes of a demon that are as red as blood and have the bright white wings of an angel and everyone makes fun of her and she feels awful. Nobody lookslike her! She doesn't look like her parents. Her dad is a demon and her mom is an angel."It hurts when I get pushed around by everyone. No one respects me." Then she realized what she has been doing to everyone else and all of a sudden she was back in her room looking in her mirror. Madison was so relieved that she didn't have to live that life anymore." I should stop pushing people around and start making friends." So from that day forward,Madison Ivy was a kind and friendly girl and had a lot of friends. So from that day on Madison Ivy started to be nicer to everyone and didn't push them around and made a lot of friends and had a happier life then when she was rude and pudgy like a bully
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