inspired a tad bit by Inkheart. Iota has always wanted to write but what would happen if the characters she cherished and brought to life come into the real world? will Iota be able to confide as easily into the characters when they are real as she was able when they remained lifeless on paper? its a story of an author - it could be you - and her journey with her cherished characters.


1. When wishes come true.

The day grew darker and gloomier as the sun gracefully set. Iota Grace sat, staring into the infinity, by the banks of the enticing Lake Opal. The surface of the lake bore a waning ivory glow as if it were illuminated from beneath; it cast a ghostly glow on the unkempt being of Iota. Iota had been sitting on the bank of the lake for 3 hours, watching the sun complete its endorsement of the day. Her shadow gradually elongated, but all the time- she sat motionless.


If you were a regular to Lake Opal, you would see this young woman of 20 sit there every day, staring into nothingness, never a word, she did not recognise the activity around. Iota was a beautiful young girl with an extra ordinary flair for writing- a profession which derived nourishment from her painful past- one that she would not let go. With a slender frame and her trademark heavy brimmed, wide surfaced, crystal blue framed glasses.


Her days were monotonous and mute. Starting at 6 when she rose and slipped into one of her crisp summer dresses, sometimes enveloping it with a coat if winter, she would wear those beach flops and head out to “Augusta Literacy” the place where she worked as a writer. After a tiring day of work where she knowingly denied human interference and refused to get off her place, she would punctually step out at 4 and head to Lake Opal.


That’s where you could spot her until 7, her bag and files stowed over a reed. She would sit there for long time before retiring home, where began another journey one of discovering the world which her human mind made up – the one into which she wished she could slip into.


Iota was a talented young writer but her stories, unlike soo many others’, did not give the readers the real picture of her grave, unvarying ho-hum persona. Her characters, ironically, were strong willed, jocular and had an immeasurable quality of humour. Her staple character – Lyra Opal, named after her loved lake, is probably the strongest and bravest young woman one can come to know.


Lyra is described just like Iota appearance wise. But her decorum, character, behaviour is far more standing out than Iota’s. Lyra underwent the SAME circumstances as Iota but she reacted differently, she came out strong and undefeated. Lyra was probably the illusion of the life that Iota wanted for herself. All the-what ifs- that Iota cherished were executed by Lyra. Often, Iota wished that she could switch worlds with Lyra. But that can’t happen and she knew that only too well.


But a lot of other things could happen- which remained anonymous to iota. In fact, they were happening that very moment. While Iota sat staring at the lake-where the sun had just drowned-pondering over the futility of death, the sun, the earth and the moon came in line, an event that happened usually, under the name of an eclipse. But this particular “eclipse” was different. It was of a varied and unknown nature. The sun the moon and the earth- the prominent celestial bodies- gravitate at a swift speed toward each other, forming a portal between “the land that is” and “the land that could be”. Lyra had crossed the threshold. She was here to help Iota. She would be here in no time… a friend to help Iota.

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