A little love story

A little love story about Nina and Ross Lynch


1. Moving

Today was the day.

Nina's Pov.

My mom woke me up in the middle of the night. I replied angry that I want to stay in my bed. She didn't even listen to me as she went out the room. I heard my brother in the other room saying the same as me. I dressed myself up without actually knowing what I was doing. I went downstairs and I saw that everyone was ready yet. It was weird knowing that I wouldn't live in this hous anymore.

'Have you packed everything?' My mom was very nervous about the move.

'Yes mom!' My brother and me replied at the same time.

'Okay, let's leave for America!'

We all got in the car to drive to the airport. I live in the Netherlands. But my dad (Eric) got a new job in California. So the whole family, my mom (Patricia), brother (Luke, 19) and me (Nina, 17), have to move with him.

I am not really looking forward to go to California. The only good thing is the weather. In the Netherlands is the weather always terrible. But I am going to miss my friends. I've known them my whole life and I wasn't looking forward to making new friends. I'm really social awkward you see. If you put me in a room with strangers, I would just say nothing and sit there. And then there was this language barrier. I can speak a bit English, but I would be a big problem at my new school.

We came at the airport and checked in. We were a bit late so we could get on the plane immediately. I like flighting so the 12 hours were over before I knew it.

I had no idea what I have to expect from the US, but I loved it immediately. It was nice and warm when we got of the plane. We had a short ride to our new house. Our new house was one thing I love too. My dad had a surprise for us, because we didn't know that the house had a swimming pool. The truck with our stuf hadn't arrived yet, but my mom packed Luke and mine's swimming suits. So we jumped in the pool and went swimming. The US wasn't that bad yet.

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