Blue || Justin Bieber

she was the moon, he was the sun. she lighted up his world, he lighted up her life.


1. Prologue.

And you were just like the moon,

so lonely, so full of imperfections.

But just like the moon,

you shined in times of darkness.



''It's just, I want to feel acceptance.'' She said, looking at the dark blue sky, her face looked pale and the look in her eyes just made him realize she was broken now. Her eyes weren't filled with anger or anything like that, they were filled with a mixture of sadness, pain and grief.

''Look, i'm really not poetic Hope, I don't quote Shakespear or talk like Augustus Waters. But you know what? I don't need to, I am who I am.'' He took a deep breath and continued.

''How do you expect other people to love or accept you when you can't even accept yourself? I just need you to know something. The problem isn't that people don't accept you for you, it's that you can't accept yourself.''


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New story bae's ;* I'm really excited to start it! What do you think about the Prologue? Also excited? No? Okay.

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