Two separate teens.
Living their life.
Its normal.
They're normal.
Until they meet each other.

Kiara Callius has just moved to a new big city. She now has to adapt to a brand new school too- as if leaving her friends wasn't hard enough. Will she adjust and fit in?

Jonas Hixen is the cliche popular jock at his school but is life all that it seems? With his annoying and clingy ex, his dad expecting more of his football career and all that comes with being popular, how will he cope?

They're both trying to escape from their past and start new, can they do it together?


3. Hallway Fame





                                                                                                                                                                ‘Hallway Fame’

Walking down the hallway is always a daunting experience, or so I’ve heard. It was true, I found out soon enough. I was looking around and found people staring, whispering, giggling, pointing, making noises, basically any distraction possible. Someone even attempted to trip me over. But surprisingly there was a few wolf whistles in the mix of the sounds from the on-lookers. Obviously, they were all from boys, or so I hoped! I looked down at the ground and couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. I chewed my lip as I looked around for my new locker. The office had told me in an email that I got where it would be. They also told me what an amazing experience I would have here. So far, I wasn’t convinced.  I finally found it and I had to squeeze past a few people leaning against their locker around me. I found my new code on a crumpled piece of paper in my pocket. When I opened the locker, I found all my brand new books and slipped the ones I needed into my messenger bag. I checked my schedule once again and studied the map before going on my way! History class- Here I come! How was I supposed to get there on time. The schools so big! Fingers crossed it would be close to where I was!

 I got lost of course and dreaded actually finding the class- I would be late. What a great start that would be! First impressions stick, don’t they? Even better! I stopped to check the map again and looked down at my outfit. Would I fit in? What if I didn’t make friends? Would I be called the ‘new-girl’ forever? I started to walk again, trying to shake the thoughts that were starting to weigh me down. I didn’t need negative attitude. I wouldn’t get anywhere with that. I needed to put my chin up and find this classroom! I found the classroom and took a deep breath. I put my hand on the door knob and already my hands were sweaty. I pulled up my messenger bag and peeked through the window. It was already fairly full. The teacher didn’t look too bad. I bet it would turn out fine. I could do this…

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