Return to Hogwarts

Imagine that you are me.

Yes, me. I am Rose, Rose Weasley and this year my life got totally amassing! Follow me to Hogwarts, were my uncle and my mom work hard every day. My Uncle? He is Harry Potter. My mom? Hermione Granger!


2. Albus

      An input by Albus

Dear Father, 

      I am now an official Gryffindor! The hat wasn't even a bit confused. Today will be my first day and I am up early to write this to you because I can't sleep. Gorge and James both snore and they keep me up.  There are new drapes at Hogwarts. Not the old ones that look like Phoenix bogies. The new ones aren't much of an update though. 


            You can tell uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione that Rose is doing well. She ate almost half of the food at the table (Whats new?). James says that she seems to have been raised in a barn though he doesn't eat any better than her. She reply's with a Tounge  full of food. How is Lily? Say hi to mum for me!



    P.S. Is it possible that the tunnels from the battle of Hogwarts are still there? 

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