Tara Edwards wanted nothing to do with One Direction, that is until she is sucked into it when her sister, Perrie gets engaged to Zayn Malik. Being forced the famous role as maid of honor, Tara has to endure weeks of rehearsals and planning with the five boys and her family who she can never get along with and will she survive? Who will help her through it? Could it possibly be the charming Harry Styles?


1. Chapter 1

I was in for the shock of my life the moment I picked up the phone. "Hello?" I ask, setting the American Eagle coupon I knew I was never going to use into my book to mark it as I sit criss cross on the couch. 


"Hey Tar," Perrie replies and I could almost hear her smiling on the other line.


"What's wrong?" I ask after taking in a moment of silence. "Did Zayn break up with you or something?" I ask, searching for the worst case scenario as I nervously twirl a pencil between my fingers. If Zayn did such thing, I would ring his neck, there was no doubt in my mind. 


"It's sort of the opposite," She tells me in a whisper. 


"W-What do you mean?" I question, confused as I try to connect the dots. 


"He asked me to marry him, Tara," She tells me and I drop my phone into my lap in shock. She had to be joking. I pick the phone up with shaky hands, still at a loss for words. "I want you to be the maid of honor," She tells me after picking up on my silence. 


"O-Okay." I say, not sure what else to say. 


"So can you come to our place tomorrow to help with the planning?" She asks. I agree quickly, just wanting to get off the phone as soon as possible. Not only did I hate talking on the phone, I just hated talking about relationships altogether. Not only that, but I also hated all of the boys in One Direction. I liked their music and had only met them once but from what I had seen, they were stuck up. 


Perrie and I hang up after that and I am left laying in my bed, marveling in wonder. What had I just gotten myself into? I stare up at the ceiling, wondering how my older sister was supposed to be getting married. 




"Isn't it beautiful?" Perrie gushes as she thrusts out her left hand, having the rock on her finger glisten in the bright lights above us. 


"Mhm," I agree. 


"You're not really into this whole planning thing, are you?" Perrie asks with a sigh. This had been the third time she had showed me her ring, like I had forgotten what it had looked like the other two times she had showed me and we were currently looking through booklets upon booklets of different flowers she could have at the reception. I had been here for at least an hour and honestly, I was getting bored. "The boys are about to be here anyway. Lets just take a break," She suggests and I nod. 




"So how are you?" She questions.


"Good," I say but I could tell she could see right through me. Our parents' divorce had taken a big part of me with it and she knew that from the way I barely called and often kept to myself. I often cried myself to sleep each night, just imagining what I could've done different to keep them together. 


The door swings open before I could say anymore and when I hear deep voices drift down the hallway, I feel nerves bite in my stomach. I clench my fists at my sides, not wanting to deal with any of these people. I would rather be at home in my small homey apartment, curled up on the couch with a book like I currently had been last night. Anxiety claws in my veins as the boys make their way into the room and when they see us, they force smiles. I knew they were generally happy to see Perrie but all I was was an outsider. 


"I don't know if you guys remember, but boys, this is Tara, my sister. Tara, this is boys," She says, making me laugh although it came out more of a hiss the way my stomach was constricted in nervous knots. 


"Hey Tara," Zayn smiles, extending a hand. I give him a fake grin as I shake his hand, my stomach untangling in the slightest, glad he was trying with me. The other boys? I wasn't so sure. And to think my freshly divorced parents weren't even here yet. What fun.

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