Thomas and Kirsten are deeply in love. But that all changes when Thomas enrolls in the army. There are some misunderstandings and they find themselves drifting farther and farther apart. Will they fix their relationship or will they hate each other for the rest of their lives?


11. chapter 11

Betrayal (11)


*Two months later*

I haven't heard from Kirsten in a while. She used to write me every week but lately I haven't been receiving any letters or pictures. 

I really miss hearing about her life and how things are going back at home. 

She's probably very busy with work and stuff like that. 

"Oy McGriver! Get over here" my partner Kyle Cassidy called. We had grown pretty close over the past few months. We were like brothers.

"There's a whole sack of letters here for you from your girl. She must have been sending them to the wrong place all this time."

"Hey thanks man." I grabbed the sack and headed to my bunk to open and read them one by one.

It was one in the morning by the time I had gotten to the last letter. I started reading it and then stopped. I reread the sentence over and over again. "I am pregnant! I am pregnant! I am pregnant!" 

I was shocked.

"IM A DAD KYLE! KYLE IM A DAD" I shouted scaring the poor guy out of his deep sleep.

He grumbled and groaned as he slowly sat up.

"Congrats man." he rubbed his eyes. "I get to be the god-daddy right?"

"Haha yeah sure, if you can handle it" I replied with a smirk.

"What makes you think I can't handle a baby?"

"Well for starters, you freak out when someone leaves their crap in the toilet and you would have to change diapers about five times a day. 

Also that one time when I screamed in your face to wake you up you jumped on me and pounded the Jesus out of me. Lets face it, you'll never be able to take care of a kid."

I reminded him of all of that while laughing hysterically at his expressions. 

Then all of a sudden I realized that this letter was old. I didn't know how long ago Kirsten had written this letter. 

Also I had been sending my letters to her to the same place she had been sending hers to. So Kirsten hadn't been getting any of my responses either.

"She must think I'm hurt. Or she might think I hate her" I thought.

Well I was getting home in two years so I will clear everything up by then.

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