Hedwig's Eyes (Year One)

This is going to be a series of 7 story's all of Harry Potter through Hedwigs eyes. It is too in first person, of course. Hope you enjoy this is my first story on this site/app. :-)


1. I Was Bought

       I was sitting in my cage in Eeylops owl Emporium when a large man with a big, black bushy beard. He said to the store owner, "'Hello! I need one top 'o the line owl for Mister 'arry Potter. I's is berthay ye know." I stood straight up, eyes widened. "Harry Potter?," I thought ", the Harry Potter? And he needs a top of the line owl?! Im perfect!" The large man walked right past me. "Hey!" I sqwacked, "why not me?"

      He looked back and saw me sqwacking and jumping around. "Hello there," he said to me, "and 'o are you?" "Hedwig" I tried to say' but even in the magical world, owls can't talk. The store owner replied for me, "That's Hedwig. She's magnificent. Feeds herself. All you have to do is open the cage and say 'hunt'. 7 galleons she is." The large bearded man looked at me as if inspecting a new car.

     "On'y 7 galleons?" The store owner nodded. The large man dug deep into his large moleskin skin pocket and provided 8 whole galleons. "Fer a bird like that, ye deserve the extra one." He said this with a smile, picked me up, and we walked out of the store.

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