Race against time

This is there last chance. Alex is nearly there. What will happen to her


1. the start

It was a boiling hot day in America. The sky's were bright blue and there was not a cloud to be seen in miles. The grass was a mysterious line green and the sun was like a yellow tennis ball floating in the distance. The birds were singing and going about there own business. A girl called Alex lived here. She had dark brown hair witch was curly and around waist length. She wore it in a long plaits. She had light green eyes and big pink lips her face was pale and she was average height. To be precise Alex lives in New York. She was very excited as she was going somewhere. Alex had wanted to come here since she was little she had never known why but it was just what she felt she needed to do. On this sunny day Alex was out in the garden picking flowers, lilies, roses and Daisies. She put them in a silver pot filed with lots of cold water for them to drink. Alex now goes upstairs packs her bags and sets off on her trip yet little does she know what might happen?

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