Fight for All We Know in this Rebel Love Song (ON HOLD)

My name is Nichole Steele, I am 22 years old. I am what you would call an emo fag. I have black hair and bright purple eyes. I wear nothing but black, leather, and cut up clothing. I wear gothic boots. I am currently single and My best friend is Jake pitts.


2. Shit


I went up to Andy and we started talking about Nichole.

Andy- Does she really like Ashley? 

Jake- No she likes you but is afraid you don't like her. 

He looked at me with a big smile on his face. His blue eyes sparkled. 

Andy- YAHOOO!! 

He said jumping up. He walked to Nichole and hugged her. 

Jake- Wow he already went for it. 

Nichole looked up at him as they started talking. A huge smile appeared on her face and Andy kissed her. 


Andy kissed me. His lips were soft and loving as our kiss was very passionate. His hands cupped my face. We pulled away and saw his now I believe ex girlfriend Juliet. Shit 


Short short short


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