Old Voldy's playing the blame game

A story about our favourite villian Lord Voldemort. In his diary. Who's gonna escape losing the fatal blane game? (From the makers of Always and Forever.) Hope you like!


1. Dear diary,

Dear Diary,

I am writing to you to because Dumbledore says its a good way to channel my anger. Yeah, right. Like that's gonna happen. I have a different idea... I'm gonna play the blame game. Boxing sound effects please! Ding ding!? Join in, then or you're in the ring. Who should I blame first for  untimely and annoying death? The food here's not too bad though. Yeah that's one good thing. While I was putting on my favourote unicorn underpants this morning, I thought about who to blame. I don't know. Wait! Lightbulb! Pick me, I wanna answer this question! Oops, sorry. I can lose myself. First up is Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy...who will escape my wrath? Dunno.  Seeya through the screen! 


So... Lord Voldermort's got a soft spot for unicorns, huh? HEY LISTEN UP!  I'll let you in on a little secret. Voldy Loves fluffy.Pink.Kittens. incase  you need to know, I'm Ginny Weasley. Soon to be Potter! Anyway, don't tell ANYONE what I told you, or I'm toast.


Hi guys, hope you like this if you don't get it you will eventually bye!





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