I just don't fit

Catrina May tries so hard to fit in, but she just can't understand why she doesn't. But one day an amazing turn in her life forms from finding one person she doesn't have to fit in with, who she can be herself with.


1. Chapter 1

Walking down the stairs, I took deep breaths to steady my nerves. Chins up, smiles on. Thanks Effie for that tip. I strolled into the kitchen avoiding the my mothers concerned gaze. "You don't have to do it you know, if you don't want to..." 

"Mum, I want to go to school like the other kids. You know, I could at least try to fit in, be like the other kids." She nodded and ruffled my dirty blonde hair. Grabbing my bag and giving Mum a quick peck on the cheek, I plugged my ipod in, switched to Imagine Dragons and closed the door as I left the comfort of my house to the un-known of outside.

To you this may seem a bit strange, that the outside is un-known. I have only left my house to walk as far as the garden gate in the past six months. It took me the whole of the song Demons to force my shaking legs to carry my small frame all the way to the gate. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the gate open.


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