Love me for me.

Rissa and a few of her friends go to a festival in town. They all run into this beautiful guy named Luke. Rissa starts developing feelings for this guy, but so does her other friends. Who will get him in the end? Will anyone get him? read more to find out :)


1. Hello Stranger

 Rissa's POV

     Jen, Erin, Justine and I are going to the festival today! It is going to be so fun i already know it is! It is like the last few weeks before summer and we all needed something cool and fun before stupid school starts again. We go to this festival every year, its something we can not miss. we go in a big group. different people every time except for the four of us ( Jen, Erin, Justine, me).




Jen's POV

YES!!! It is that time of year again! The festival is now in town. Me and my girls always have an awesome time there! It has great food, fun rides, HOT BOYS! It is the best thing ever. I am so happy that the festival is not only one day, but three days! more fun yay! 



At The Festival!

Rissa: Look at all these fun rides and games!

Jen: You cant forget about the food!

Erin: And the guys...

Justine: Um.... Hey guys? ....... i don't feel too good. I think i might puke...

Jen: Oh Shit! ummmm hey we can go to my house for a few its right down the block we can rest there for a few, you are probably feeling light headed from the heat, loud music, and those crazy rides. LETS GO!

Erin: Um...... ill stay here, if that's okay with you guys.

Justine: Yah, whatever its fine lets just go pleaseeeeeee!


While walking Rissa spots a really cute guy about Their age. Right then Jen is ten steps ahead of her and already noticed the guy too.


Jen: I like your shirt. Hey your cute. Helloooo Stranger. 

Stranger: Ummm.... Hello :)


Rissa's POV

Oh My LORD. This guy is sooooo cute! I think he is Australian, because of beautiful accent of course. I wonder what a really cute kid is doing walking alone by himself. He is absolutely perfect. With his amazing blue eyes and cute dirty blonde hair, and he is so tall, well compared to me he is very tall. I love tall guys! 


Jen's POV

Wow. I can not believe i just went up to this really cute guy. I just went up to him like nothing. He was wearing a nirvana t shirt so had to compliment it, then looked up at him and he was beautiful. I think  i got a chance with this guy. I don't know why i would think that but i'm very confident about it, and my lord he is Australian! He is probably new here and has no friends. Better get to him before anyone else does. 



Jen: Well Hi Im jen! Whats your name?

Rissa: (quietly, sadly, shyly) I'm Rissa....

Stranger: Oh hello, I'm Luke.

Jen: Oh, These are my two friends Justine.....*whispers* Don't mind her she is sick, And my friend Ris-rex.

Rissa: Umm Its Rissa.... But yah Hi!

Justine: Okay well we have to get going, you know unless you want me to puke all over you guys i suggest we leave now.....

Luke: Oh well yah i have to get home now and help my mum unpack... so, It was nice meeting you all.

Jen: WAIT can i have your number,.... you know so we can all stay in touch maybe hang out here tomorrow.

Luke: Oh yah here my number is....************



Rissa's POV 

We left because Justine really did not feel good at all. But the good thing is that we are all gonna hang tomorrow! I am just really pissed off at Jen! We are suppose to be friends, Best friends, SISTERS!!!And she would do something like that. Okay i am over reacting, i will admit. I know she does not know that I like him yet, but I am just mad. Okay yes, i'm very jealous of her right now........






Hey guys this is my first time writing anything on here! i hope you liked it! This is just the first chapter, there will be many more. I based this story off an actual event. Of course i changed it up a bit cx but this actually happened to me cx keep on reading!!!! xx








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