The time I have

No one ever comes see me anymore. They all know that. That I'm different.


1. The time I have

No one comes to see me anymore,

And honestly I'm not surprised,

While they said they were my friends,

Their disgust was not disguised.


I'm different to everyone you see,

And while they have their fun,

I sit in the shadows by myself,

And think of whats been done.


I'm weak and I am tired I'm

Ready to give in,

But they won't give up will they?

Those needles in my skin.


I want to tell them to stop it,

Say I have no fear,

Let me slip away from this,

It already seems so near.


So this is how I know I different

This is how I know why,

6 months they said to me yesterday,

So now I wait to die.




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