My Soulmate From The Hell's Tribe

Having another chance to live in another life only to reunite with her soul mate. But none of them remembered who or where their soul mate is. So, they seek out for each other, not knowing both of them are completely the opposite.


1. Grant My Wish

It was a very beautiful night as the moon shone brightly. But there was only one star that shone more brightly than the other millions of stars in the sky. Everyone from all over the valley except for the ones that was banished to assemble with all the tribes, came here every once a thousand years and sat down on the most highest hill on the valley and watch as the beautiful star emits it's light to the sky. An ogre with his wife and family, an imp with it's pets, a kind wizard with his beautiful witch and many more creatures you'd thought they never existed. And among those stars, there was also a star, that shone darkly as the dark pit of the ravine at the end of the valley. At the bottom of that ravine, there lived a tribe of all the banished peoples and hideous creatures. Cruel and wicked. And every tribe gets their own mark.

There are 5 tribes in the country. 


The Hell's tribe.They show people no mercy. Once they got you in their hands, there is no tomorrow for you. But..


The Vrites's tribe. They are kind and soft gentle people AND creatures. They rarely join any outdoor activities and prefer to stay indoor all the time.

The Kaitama's tribe. Very smart and cunning. They live at the most furthest part of the valley, due to a lot of experiments that they are trying to try but it might hurt the others. So, living a bit further from others allows them to try all of their projects.

The Zaifu's tribe. They are most likely better at physical. They are really strong and brave. Not good at telling people lies but love to lie a lot even though they suck at it.


The Heaven's tribe. Only a few are existed and not more than 10. These are the most rarest tribe because they can only be reborn if someone would make a wish for the dead and it'll only work if they had an unfinished business at the past.   

    All of these tribes hated the Hell's tribe because there's this one time, they were not as cruel as they are now.Their leader was killed so they blamed it on all of the innocent tribes, not knowing their own leader's son killed his father to take over the tribe. They grew up, with hatred, revengeful feelings surrounding them. 


"Make a wish, dear", a caring mother said to her beloved young daughter as they sat on the top of the tree. "Hmmm..", her daughter put one finger under her chin while thinking. "Before that.. mommy..", she looked at her mother. Her mother smiled and stroked her head gently. "What is it ?", she asked. "Could you please tell me the story about the girl whom was accidentally killed by the villagers so she could protect the mean boy that she fell in love with ?".

  Her mother giggled. Everyone turned around and looked at them. Eager to listen as well. "Well.. there's this one time..."

=Centuries ago..=

The girl was sitting under a beautiful willow tree. Beside her was a boy. A really mean boy. But, the girl didn't mind because she really liked him. He would pull her hair, throw rocks at her but at the end of the day, he would always apologize and give her some medicines if he hurt her. "What do you want to do today, Gary ?", she asked with her very sweet voice. "Hm.. I'm fed up bullying you. So, let's go hurt some other kids !", as he was about to ran away, she grabbed his arm. Pulling him so he won't go. "What are you doing ?!", he shouted. She buried her face at his arm, while she shook her head repeatedly. "No.. don't hurt anyone else except me. People will hate you and everyone will ask me to stop seeing you." She cried while hugging her friend's arm tightly. Then, out of sudden movements, the boy pulled her and hugged her. Placing his chin on her head. "I'm not good at this, but I don't want to see you cry because of me. Even if I've made you cry a lot, but this is different. Just smile and I'll make sure I won't make anyone hate me." In her tears, she smiled and nodded. Again, burying her face against his chest, solid and broad, allowing herself this moment to fully lean on him. "That's a promise, Gary. You can never break a promise",she said, her voice muffled as she pressed herself tight.

  "Alright..", he said holding her against the steady beat of his heart. This mean boy could be really nice and sweet around the person he likes the most. But it wasn't long after years passed by. Both of them fully grown to adults. The girl turned into a beautiful, fine young lady. The center of attention of all boys at the village. While the boy turned really mischievous and naughty. He'll do nasty pranks and even hurt people. Until, one day, the girl met up with him under the same willow tree where he made his promise with her years ago. "Gary, now that we've grown up, I'm thinking about having a family", she said. But, the boy didn't listen, he kept focusing on something else; what pranks shall he do this evening ? What place is the most suitable to push people into ? "Gary ? Please, listen to me." She placed her hand on his and hold it tightly. The boy turned his gaze to her. How beautiful his friend turned out to be. "Gary.. I'm thinking about starting a family.. with you." Her words shocked him. Family ? With me ?  He thought. Yes, he felt happy but.. everyone hated him. He doesn't want the person he loved the most to be hated because she wants to marry him. He doesn't want his future kids to be hated as well. It pains him a lot but since he loved her dearly and doesn't want her to be isolated by the others, he decided to say 'NO'. He shook his head. 

Her face turned blank. "No.. ?", she asked. Her voice was brittle. Listening to it made the boy feel guilty. Plus, he's doing it because he doesn't want her to be hated. I love you dearly but if you decide to marry me, you're future will just be a disaster. His words was stuck at his throat. He stood up, trying to go away before she cries. The girl was left there all alone. She hugged her legs tight as she cries. The person whom she hoped to spend the rest of her life doesn't feel the same. After hours of hours of crying, her eyes were swollen so she decided to go home. Her cheeks were wet and she could barely open her eyes. When she arrive home, horror struck her down. The boy was tied to the tree while the others was pointing axes and other sharp weapons at him. His cheeks were bruised up and bloody. His body was full of wounds and fresh bloody scars. She ran in front of him and stretch her arms wide open. "Stop !", she shouted. The villager stopped. The girl turned around, placing her hand at his cheek. His eyes slowly opened and saw her. "Go away." His voice was furious. In her tears, she smiled and kissed his forehead. Everyone watched in disgust. "Why would you care for someone like him ?!". She was determined to put an end to this. "Don't hurt him. Hurt me instead !". Everyone was furious and started to push her to the side. But, she got up fast and ran to the boy, facing backwards from the villagers causing them to hit her with all their weapons. The boy watched her in horror. Blood was coming out from her mouth, and her head. "STOP !!!", he shouted. No one listened. They kept hitting her until they felt satisfied. When her body dropped to the earth's ground, everyone stopped. Realizing what they've done. A man came to the tree and cut the ropes that was tying around the boy's body. He dropped down to the ground, crying and held his friend's lifeless body.

  He buried his face at her cold shoulder as he screams in his tears. Everyone watched him. They knew their actions was caused by their uncontrollable emotions and hatred towards him until they hit the wrong person without noticing it. The boy hugged her tightly, kissing her forehead and called out her name over and over again, hoping that she would reply. But.. she didn't. He was covered in her blood but he didn't care. He held her more tighter. "I'll marry you. I'll raise the kids with you, so please.. seek for me, in another life. It's too late for us to be together now. This is my oath to you, so I beg you.. as soon as you woken from your deep slumber, you'll seek for me." As he grieves over her death, someone took the wood and hit his head. He was dying, lying with his bleeding head next to his friend. He looked at the villagers and said, "In another life, she'll be my soul mate and my wife.. while all of you will die. I'll make sure you all die !". They hit him one more time, and the second time, they were determined that he's really dead.

 They buried the girl under the willow tree with a beautiful huge tombstone with her name on it while the boy was thrown at the dark pit of the ravine.


At the end of the story, the little girl got down the tree. "Hey, everyone ! Let's all wish for the boy and the girl to get a second chance to become soul mates and raise a family together !". Everyone nodded and they all went straight to the willow tree. The little girl dropped to her knees and closed her eyes, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight." Everyone followed what she was doing. "Oh dear star, please, give this girl and the boy another chance to meet and become soul mates once more. But, make their lives more happier than before." By that, the star suddenly turned dim and dimmer until it was no longer be seen. Same goes for the dark looking star in the bright sky. "That's very nice of you, dear. Well, I think that's enough for today, folks ! We better get home now."

 When they were a bit far away, the little girl looked back at the willow tree. It was glowing brightly. Make a wish and I'll grant it for you. The little girl smiled and chased her mother. She knew it was the voice of the girl that was killed centuries ago.



"Please grant my wish," she said softly.

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