Study Life .

My study life .


1. School Life .

   My school was reopened on January 3 . This date , I couldn't forget . It was such a bad memory for everyone . I damn hate school so much . My school is a well - known school . It is a ' control school ' . ' Control school ' which means , you can come to study in this school , you must have some qualifications . My school just keeps the students who pass flying colours result in their government test . When I stepped into this school , I could see the sky . Sky was beautiful . I saw some polite students , they kept bowing to some teachers . Bowing teachers , it is an action to show they respect to the teachers . It is our traditional . It will always a good habit . Seriously , I don't . If I do it , everyone thinks I am fake . I was late to school . I went to my class , I was a latecomer . All of my classmates stared at me . I was shy . My face turned sheepish , just like a red apple . There are no places for me to sit . I just carried a table and a chair from the store room . The feeling so sucks . My form teacher was an Indian . He introduced to everyone . He liked to ' show off ' . He told everyone he has been teaching this school for donkey's years . I did hate him so much . I continued talking to my tablemate . My form teacher called me to stand up . What the hell . How old am I ? I am already 16 ! He should consider my feeling . Talking is just a common mistake . I did really impress my form teacher and my classmates . It's the first day to go to school , but I did really impress lots of people . haha 

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