Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -



20. morning struggles

"Wake up!" Someone yelled in my ear making me groan and throw a pillow in what ever direction, probably not hitting them. "Let me sleep." I whined and I gasped when my blanked was ripped off of me, the cold air emediatly hitting my bare legs since I had slept in an over sized t-shirt. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up, reaching for my phone to see how late it was. "It's six in the fucking morning!" I snapped my head to the side to see whoever woke me and my eyes landed on Louis. "Why are we the only ones awake?" I asked. "You were the first one I woke up." Louis said awkwardly. "You take the longest to get ready so you had to be up first." He said and I raised my eyebrow. "I think that both Zayn and Maddy take longer to get ready then me." 

"I'm going to kill you." I then said before chasing Louis throughout the hotel room. "You don't just go and wake people up at six in the fucking morning!" I yelled, really not caring if everyone woke up. If I don't get to sleep, no one gets to sleep. I already saw Liam stir before sitting up and looking at us in amusement. "Come here Louis I swear to God I'm going to murder you cold-bloodedly!" By now everyone was awake and staring at us. "Someone help me!" Louis yelled. "For someone who just woke up she sure can run." I heard Zayn chuckle. "Shut up princess." I snapped. "She's not a morning person." Harry chuckled. 

Louis then took a damn room key and left the hotel room. I followed closely behind him but not close enough to get him before he entered another hotel room. "Lads help me!" He yelled loudly followed by groans. I ran into the hotel room but someone grabbed me from behind so I couldn't murder Louis. "Michael I'm going to kill you too if you don't let me go." I growled. "How late is it?" Ashton asked. "Ten past six." Luke said rubbing his eyes tiredly. "You don't go and wake her at six in the morning." Ashton laughed. "Well depends because one time when she stayed over- nevermind how did you wake her up?" He asked and Louis blushed a bit. "I ripped the blankets off of her." He chuckled nervously. "I would kill him too if he did that." Calum laughed. 

"Why do I even have to be awake? I don't have to rehearse." I said raising an eyebrow. "But you're going to support us." Louis laughed cheekily. "Fine. But Maddy is not coming and I'm wearing sweatpants." I said pointing my index finger at him and he nodded putting his hands up in surrender. 

I got out of Michael's grip. "If you're smart you wait five minutes before you go back!" I warned Louis and walked back into the hotel room where everyone stared at me. "What just happened?" Liam chuckled. "Louis woke me up by ripping the blankets off of me but it's fine because I get to wear sweatpants and she's not coming." I said pointing at Maddy in disgust.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked with her annoying voice. I crouched down and grabbed clothes from my suitcase."That you're a fucking whore and no one likes you. I'm taking a shower now because even just talking to you makes me feel dirty." I feel extra grumpy this morning, I would never have snapped like that if wasn't. 

I turned on the shower waiting for the water to get warm. I put on music and Better Off This Way by A Day To Remember started blasting throughout the bathroom and I was positive it blasted through the hotel room too. I stepped under the now hot water and smiled as I let the hot water relax me. I washed my hair and hummed along to my music before washing my body and brushing my teeth, what I always did in the shower. I finally got out of the shower and blowdried my hair with the crappy hotel blow dryer. I grabbed my clothes and quickly slid them on.


I shrugged at my outfit in the mirror and threw my now dry hair up in a messy bun. I walked out of the bathroom and slid on my timberlands when I noticed everyone was already ready. Except for Maddy. Thank God she isn't coming. She was glaring at me but I honestly didn't care. "Ready to go?" Zayn asked me and I nodded my head, following them out the door.

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