Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -



5. 'Lunch date with my best fwend'

"Finall- why is Melanie on your shoulder?" Zayn said cofused. "He stole my fries!" I said dramatically. "You took a bite of my burger!" He said in the same tone. "But that was only because you stole my fries." I said and he chuckled, finally setting me down. "How late is it?" I asked. "Almost ten." Michael chuckled. "I gotta go home." I stated pouting. "I'll bring you." Ash stated and I nodded slowly. "You don't have to..." I trailed off. "But I want to." He smiled. "I could bring you." Niall said quickly and I raised an eyebrow. "But I thought Ashton..." I trailed off. "Right." He said suddenly annoyed and letting himself fall onto the couch. "Bye." I said and gave everyone a quick hug, nearly slapping Harry's face off when he squeazed my bum. "Bye." I repeated again before following Ashton towards his car. 

"Thanks again for dropping me off." I stated smiling at Ashton who smiled back. "You're welcome." He stated and I hopped out of the car, making my way over to the front door. "Melanie." I turned around to see Ashton had gotten out of his car. "Yeah?" I asked waiting for him. He had walked up the three steps before hesitantly placing a hand on my back and pressing his lips onto mine while I felt myself smiling before kissing him back, causing him to smile before we both pulled back. "Do you want to hang out tomorrow? You could come to our hotel room and we could watch a movie there. The boys are going to hang out with the One Direction boys and I could say I'm sick." He rambled nervously and I giggled. "Yeah, I'd love too." I told him smiling and he smiled back at me. "Great. I'll pick you up around one." He said excitedly. He pecked my cheek. "Bye." He said and I sent him a little wave. "Bye."


"Please take me anywhere but here." I sang while straightening my curls ever so slightly so that my hair was wavy. I had already applied my make-up and threw on an outfit, consisting of a black plaid shirt which read 'too cool for school' and a pair of high waisted denim shorts. I finished my hair just in time because Ashton texted me he was outside. I slid on my red low cut converse and made my way down the stairs, saying bye to my grandma and hopping into Ashton's car. "Hi." I smiled.


"So. What movie?" Ashton asked placing about ten dvd's on the table for me to choose from. "That one." I said pointing at a random horror movie. Yes. I'm the type of girl who's obsessed with horror movies. Ashton nodded, popping in the dvd. He sat down on the couch, next to me and I cuddled up to him as we watched the movie. 

"Pizza's on the way." Ashton stated re-entering the room and popping in the third dvd today. "Aww the boys miss you." I said showing him a picture of the eight boys with the caption. 'Fun day with the lads. Wish Ashton was here though. Get well!' Ashton just smiled and we watched the movie. 

"You're so adorable." Ashton stated as I took a bite of my pizza. "How am I adorable?" I said sassily and he chuckled. "You just are." He said and I giggled, sticking out my tongue. "See?" He said and I let out another giggle but soon stopped as we stared into eachother's eyes. A weak smile creeping onto my lips as we both put down the pizza, slowly leaning in until our lips met. "Mel?" Ashton whispered putting a strand of hair behind my ear and I slowly nodded. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked and I nodded smiling wide and re-conecting out lips. 

"Guess you're feeling better." My eyes widened and me and Ashton pulled back quickly. "So are you guys like... together?" Niall asked and I nodded my head. He didn't say anything. He just left the room, shutting the door with a loud bang. 

Niall's POV

I left the room, shutting the door with a loud bang and making my way over to my own hotel room, locking the door in the process. "Niall open the door." Liam said knocking. "No." I stated simply and let myself fall down onto the bed. I never even should've tried to be nice to her, I should've stayed the dick I was before, at least than she would've been with me. 

Of course I remembered Melanie. How could I not? But the boys faintly remembering her and her obviouslt having forgotten about me just gave me the opportunity to actually start over with her, make her fall in love with me again. The right way. But that clearly didn't work. 

Melanie's POV {two weeks later}

"This bed's an island made of feather down and I'm stuck here alone." I sang softly. The boys had to record this new song and appearantly it was a secret so I had to listen to my own music so loudly I couldn't hear them. Every now and then I'd glance over at them only to see Ashton was already staring at me, which made me smile. 

"If these sheets were the states and you were miles away, I'd fold them end over end to bring you closer to me." I sang, my eyes closed. "Because I don't sleep at all without you pressed up against me. I settle for long distance calls I'm lost in empty pillow talk again." You could say this was my jam. Suddenly my earphones were ripped out of my ears and I opened my eyes. "I was listening to that." I said raising an eyebrow at Michael. "You didn't tell us you could sing." Calum simply stated. "You never asked." I said and he rolled his eyes. "Can I have my earphones back now?" I asked and Michael shook his head. "Nope." He simply replied before plugging my phone to the stereo and blasting the song I was previously listening to: If These Sheets Were States by All Time Low.

"Sit up." Ashton said smiling and helped me up before sitting down and telling me I could lay down again. "Backseat serenade, little hand grenade oh God I'm sick of sleeping alone." Michael suddenly sang so loudly I confused it with screaming. "Backseat serenade, dizzy huricane. Oh God I'm sick of sleeping alone." I sang and high fived him. "Let's vine because we're cute!" I yelled and we all agreed, making the most stupid vines ever. 

I opened the app, filming myself as I let myself fall onto Ashton's lap who. "You got Kik?" I said and he let out a laugh, burrying his head in the crook of my neck. I did post that vine, before closing the app again and hugging my boyfriend. 

"I just wanna say you're mine all mine." I sang along to my phone, my head still laying on Ashton's lap. "Fuck what you heard you're mine all mine." Ashton sang, putting some of my hair out of my face before giving me a peck on the lips. I let out a giggle. "Stop being s'cute!" Michael yelled and I realised he was filming us. "Michael fuck off." I laughed, burrying my head in my hands.

"Who wants to get food with me?!" Niall yelled, already knowing the answer. "MEEEEE!" I yelled, turning around but falling onto the floor in the process. "Baby are you okay?" Ashton asked and I swear to God Niall rolled his eyes at him. I just nodded. "Yeah." I smiled. "Well have fun with Niall." Ashton said pecking my forehead and I smiled and nodded, pecking his. "Bye." I said. Me and Niall have actually grown quite close these two weeks and if it were to be a day both One Direction and Five Seconds Of Summer were in the studio Niall and I would always get food. Ashton didn't come because it was my time with friends and he didn't want to ruin anything which was adorable. 

I took a bite of my taco, followed by Niall laughing at me because I can't eat taco's like a normal person. "Stop laughing at me." I giggled, taking a sip of my drink before snapping a picture of Niall doing the same and posting it on instagram with the caption 'lunchdate with my best fwend' Niall just chuckled and shook his head. 

"So do you wanna get ice cream or go back?" Niall asked as we made our way back. "Do you even have to ask?" I said raising an eyebrow. "Ice cream it is." Niall laughed. 

"Do you wanna taste?" I asked, pointing at my strawberry ice cream and he nodded before licking the ice cream. "Wasn't that sexy?" He said smirking and I laughed. "Yeah, very charming." I said sarcastically which caused him to let out a chuckle. "Still sexier than you tho." He said pretending to flip his hair. "You sure about that?" I asked raising an eyebrow and I nodded. I brought my ice cream to my mouth, slowly licking it while keeping eye contact with Niall and letting out a small giggle as I failed miserably getting some of the ice cream on my lip. I licked it off and continued to giggle. "Well that was a fail." I said and Niall chuckled nervously. 

"You're such a dork." I giggled rolling my eyes, and giving him a playfull push.


Okay so Ashton won. And I'm so sorry this chapter was bad but I'm having some writers block. Next one will be better x

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