Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -



2. Concerts and phone numbers

"You look hot!" Claire said excitedly and I awkwardly smiled. "Thanks. So do you." I told her truthfully. "Come on!" She yelled pulling me towards her car where emediatly a One Direction song started playing. I've never really had a thing against her listening to One Direction, they weren't to bad. Plus I never told her about Niall and I. I took a shaky breath as we came closer to the Arena. Me, Niall and the other lads stopped talking very soon when Niall's father and my mom broke up. 

I glanced over at Claire and her short dress. I still don't get why she decided to wear such a dress to a concert but whatever floats her boat. I on the other hand was wearing a pair of black high waisted shorts and a Five Seconds Of Summer band t-shirt. "We're here!" Claire nearly yelled, emediatly stepping out of her car. I took a deep breath before folllowing her. 


One Direction left the stage and I took a shaky breath as me and Claire were lead backstage to the boys. But me being nervous and clumsy bumped into someone. "Sorr- You're Michael Clifford." I said in shock and he chuckled and nodded. "And you are a fan?" He asked and I giggled. "How'd you know?" I asked sarcastically and he chuckled. "I like your sarcasm." He stated. "I like your face." I said, my eyes emediatly widening and my hand slapping over my mouth. Michael just laughed. "I like yours too." He stated and I nearly fainted. "Melanie! Hurry up!" She yelled from where she was. "Want a ride?" Michael asked bending over. "Are you serious?" I asked and he nodded. I jumped on his back and he started to run over to Caire who was already talking to the boys. 

"This is my friend Melanie!" Claire said excidetly and pushing me over to them. They all just stared at me. "I'm Niall." And my heart just broke. I flashed him a weak smile and soon all the boys had introduced themselves to me. As if they never knew me at all. "I never got your name." Michael said standing by me as I stared at Claire talking to the boys. "Melanie." I smiled and he smiled back. "I would tell you my name but seeming to how we met I figure you already know." He said and I let out a small giggle. "C'mon I'll intoduce you to the band. Seeing you don't seem to be impressed by the amazing One Direction." He said dramatically and I giggled, nodding as I followed him to where the other boys were. "Guys, this is Melanie. Melanie, guys." I smiled and greeted them politely as they did the same. 

"It's actually quite funny how you prefer us over One Direction." Luke chuckled pointing at the boys who were still talking to Claire but actually seemed quite bored. "My friend made me come with her." I chuckled. "Not that big of a One Direction fan." I shrugged and they nodded. "So who'd your favourite?" Michael asked and I gave him a questioning look. "Of our band. Who's your favourite?" He said more clearly and I thought for a moment. "You're all so perfect I couldn't imagine having a favourite." I said and I was pulled into a group hug. "Good answer." They said and I giggled. 

I glanced over at the boys who now had loads of girls serrounding them, asking for pictures and such. I grabbed Michael's phone from his hands and took a picture of him before giggling and showing it to him. He grabbed it back and tried to take a picture of me but I quickly turned around, only for my eyes to meet with Luke. He smiled weakly and I did the same before looking down and biting my lip so I wouldn't smile. 

"Melanie!" Claire called and I groaned before getting up. "I gotta go over to her." I said and they nodded. "I'll come with you." Calum smiled getting up and I smiled back at him. "Claire this is Calum, Calum this is clair." I mumbled and Claire just shrugged it off. "One Direction just asked us to hang out tomorrow." She squealed and I raised an eyebrow. "They didn't even talk to me why would they want to hang out with me?" I asked and she shrugged. "Becayse you're perfect." She said in her baby voice while poking my dimple and I just rolled my eyes while letting out a giggle. "And adorable." Calum said swinging his arm over my shoulder and I let out another giggle. "C'mon let's talk to them." Claire squealed reffering to the boys who were talking to some girls. "Do I have to?" I whined and she just nodded. "Please come with me." I pouted grabbing Calum's hand and pulling him with me while he laughed. 

"Melanie, right?" Liam asked and I nodded. After this a really awkward conversation followed. "Claire I have to go." I stated and she sighed. "Just wait a second." Claire snapped and I rolled my eyes. "My grandmother is going to kill me if I'm late." I said and she rolled her eyes. "Just wait like half an hour." She whined. "I have to be home in half an hour." I told her. "I'll bring you home." Ashton called and I smiled at him as he walked over to me. "I don't want to be a bother..." I trailed off and he shrugged. "You won't be." He stated and I thanked him before telling everyone goodbye and following Ashton towards his car. 

"Thank you so much." I told Ashton once again as we neared my house. "No problem." He chuckled and glanced over at me, flashing me a smile which I emediatly returned. "The boys were talking about that you were 'hot'" He told me with a chuckle and I laughed. "You are though." He said and stopped the car because we had arrived at my house. I just blushed lightly. "So are you." I covered my mouth emediatly. "Did I say that out loud?" I asked and he chuckled and nodded. "Can I have your number?" He asked and I nodded, grabbing his phone from his hand and typing in my number. "Thanks again." I told Ashton who smiled and nodded before I hopped out of the car and waving him goodbye before entering my house. I screamed and jumped up and down. Ashton Irwin just asked for my number. 


I woke up still tired but unable to fall back asleep, left to wonder how late it was. I grabbed my phone, forgetting it was plugged into the loader and nearly having a heartattack when the loader was pulled out of my wall. I sighed and glanced at the time to see it had already been eleven in the morning. I decided to get myself something to eat and finally got myself to get out of bed. "Goodmorning." I told my grandmother who smiled at me. "Goodmorning, dear." She said and I flashed her a smile while turning on the coffee machine. My phone suddenly rang and I answered quickly. "Hello?" I asked through my white Iphone 4s. "Hey it's Ashton. I wanted to ask if you wanted to come over to the studio." I emediatly smiled and nodded, face palming myself when I realised he couldn't see me. "I just nodded." I giggled and he chuckled. "I do that all the time." He informed me and I let out another giggle. "I'll pick you up at half past twelve." He told me and this time I didn't nod but answered with a simple 'okay'. "See you later than." He said. "Yeah, bye." I told him before hanging up the phone. 

"Bye grandma." I said while getting up after having gotten a text from Ashton saying he was there. "Bye sweety, have fun." She said and I nodded before leaving the house and hopping into the passenger seat to Ashton's car. "Hi." I greeted.


Hey guys, so I wanted to ask you. Who do you think Melanie should date. Trust me this will be a Niall Horan fanfic but I thought it'd have more drama if she was with someone else first so please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Love you guys x


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