My So Called Friend (discontinued)

Juliet, is just a normal 19 year old girl in college. Well that's all until she meets Taylor Swift and somehow become friends, and Juliet meets celebrities; what happens when One of them just happens to be Harry Styles ? but what happens when Juliet sees something she shouldn't ? Read to find out hope you guys like!


2. Holy Shit!!

"Miss Martinez, wake up!!", I hear Mr. Leavy, the history teacher yelled.


My head instantly shot up, "Uuugh!?", I groaned.


Kaydean sat next to me, trying very hard not to laugh. Turned out I was snoring and drooled all over my books.



"Please leave the room, and Miss Gordan you can go with her.", he was serious.


Everyone in the room stared at me and Kay as I got my stuff and left. I  didn't care, this happens often , way too often if you ask me.


I'm that one person who's always in trouble or doing something I'm not supposed to. I had gotten caught putting a pack of smokes in a teachers desk. I was in 4th grade and they were my dads.


"Kay", she responded, as she followed me out the room.

We started to go to the Dean's office. on the way I took a sharpie and wrote, that this guy named Steven is gay, on the wall.


"You're kidding right", Kaydean asked as she watched me at work.

 "No, I'm not kidding.", I said like a smart ass and put the sharpie away.

''That's not fucking funny , so what's wrong with being gay? You're bisexual.''

''You're Straight, why do you care?'' I said very calmly .

''Because it's a very serious matter.'' As we walked into Dean Micheal's office, all you could here was yelling.

"Zoey, for the last time, we are not selling muffins to the students on campus!!",Micheal yelled, causing Kaydean to walk out after hearing that.


Figures , Zoey is always trying to get authority's permission for a bake sale . Zoey's a good friend of mine and all but she's way too peppy . Nothing wrong with a bake sale , trust me , I'd love to walk around eating cupcakes 24/7 but at this point I think she's just obsessed with pastries. I look at Zoey as she left and smiled with a shrug, and she started to laugh while leaving. Only she understood me, I mean Kaydean does from time to time, but Zoey understands me fully.

"Ugh, what did you do now Juliet? Please tell me you're not skipping class again."

I look at him like he's crazy," well, I was going to but then, I got yelled at by a teachers and ran to class. But I do have the tendency to do a couple things while sneaking out of class with Kaydean." Just as I said this Kaydean came in smacking the back of my head.

"no we don't and you know that'll never happen", kaydean said seriously, " what happened was that she fell asleep in class."

Micheal just looked at me, about done with my stupid actions, '' Juliet, please tell me why you get in trouble so much."

I just shrugged as Zoey came running back in, '' I was on my way to class, when I saw that someone wrote on the wall. they said that one of the football players is gay."

he looks at me, now he's officially 100% done with my shit, ''that's it! I let slide all the other things that you've done!! but now I'm done! get out of this school immediately, you are suspended until further notice!!!!''

"what! that's not even fair!! half the stuff I do isn't even solo! kaydean ends up helping me with it!! if anything she should get suspended too, for fucks sake!!''

''miss Gordan is this true? if it is she's right I would have to suspend you too.''

she nodded, I looked her in the eye to show that im sorry, but all I saw was my death wish.
"im so dead", I said looking down

"both of you get out of my office and the school until I say its ok to come back!",he yelled at both of us, kaydean stormed out of there as she pulled my arm.


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