Always Be Together *Nouis Story*

One day Louis Tomlinson meets a wonderful male named Niall Horan. They met through friends named Liam Payne and Kasey Reyna. But what happens when someone falls in love with Niall? Read more to find your answer.


1. First Meeting

No-one's POV

Best friends Liam Payne and Kasey Reyna were meeting each other at Starbucks. Kasey had brought her friend Niall Horan. Liam is bringing his best mate Louis Tomlinson. Kasey and Niall had gotten there early so they grabbed some coffee and sat down to wait for them.

"So Niall I know that you will love Liam! He says that he is bringing a friend with him." Kasey says.

"Is he anything like Luigi?" Niall asks with a chuckle.

She giggles. Kaine walks up to them. She is also one of their best friends. Kaine Jarre is a French maiden that is rooming with Kasey.

"Kasey! Niall! Are you two waiting for someone?" Kaine asks

"Yeah, we are waiting for my good friend Liam" Kasey says.

"That's cool! Well, I need to get going or I'm going to be late" Kaine says.

"Kay! See you at home! I might have friends over" Kasey says

Kaine gets her coffee and leaves for work. After about twenty minutes Liam walks in with a brunette with blue eyes.

"Kasey!" Liam calls out as they hug.

"Liam this is Niall. Niall Horan" Kasey introduces Niall

"Kasey, Niall this is Louis Tomlinson" Liam introduces Louis

Everyone shakes hands and sits down. Niall sat next to Kasey and so does Liam. Louis sits between Niall and Liam.

"So Louis I heard that you like to do drama. Am I right?" Kasey asks

"Yes you are right. I love doing drama" Louis says happily

"Well, Niall here like to sing" Kasey says putting Niall on the spot.

"Niall you like to sing?" Liam asks

"No" Niall states "I love to sing"

Everyone were in conversations that no one could really understand.

~2 hours later~

The small group went to Kasey's house. They all sat in the lounge and watched a movie. After the movie Liam and Louis had gotten up and asked where the toilet was. Kasey giggled and told them. After they walked away Kasey turned to Niall.

"Niall. You know how you told me that you were bi?" she asks.

Niall nods. "Why?" he asks

"Just tell me. Is Louis hot to you?" Kasey urges.

Niall blushes and nods slightly. While in the toilet with Liam and Louis Liam is also interrogating his best mate.

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