Virtually yours.

Clinging on to her lost love, Rena finds herself questioning what is real and what isn't. Everything she had ever known was gone in a heartbeat and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Six months of hell, until she met Sam and Autumn. Rena's story of despair, quickly turns into a story of hope as she works toward fixing everything broken in her life with the help and humorous adventures that she embarks on with Sam and Autumn.


1. Grace.

Rena stood at the bar of  the same night club she last saw Vince in. The last time she smelled his musky scent, the last time his lips touched hers, the last time she heard his laughter.  She felt lost.  She kept coming back to this same place hoping - dreaming that everything that led up to this moment was just a nightmare and that he wasn't really gone.  That he'd return.

"Rena!"  shouted the DJ from acrossed the room.  "Get out on the dance floor and show us your mad skills."

Rena nodded and smiled.  They all knew why she was there.  Why she hadn't danced with another man since that night and why she looked so sad and alone.  Rena took the last sip of her Rum and Coke and put her cigarette out in the ash tray, she threw money onto the bar and grabbed her purse.  As she  turned to leave,  Rena felt a sense of despair.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?  She thought.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

"You know, smoking is a disgusting habit and you really should stop it could kill you."  the voice was deep, with a strong dutch accent.

Rena looked up to see a handsome man, with dark hair and eyes so dark they were almost black.

She grinned.

"Yea?"  she grimaced, "So could talking to strange men in a night club."

"I'm not a serial killer."  The man rebutted.

"Congratulations!"  Rena replied.  "If it's all the same, I'm not up for unsolicited advice."

Rena turned to the bartender.

"Thanks Lilly, same time next week?"

"Sure thing, doll.  Same place too!"

Rena walked passed the mystery man, avoiding eye contact.  She waved to the DJ and toward the door.  She was attempting to make a graceful exit but Rena Lemon was anything BUT graceful.  Unbeknownst to her, one of her shoelaces was untied and as she went to take her last step by the door, she stepped on her shoelace and fell forward.  It seemed to go in slow motion as she couldn't get her hands in front of her to stop her fall soon enough.

Here, here is a towel, place it on her forehead. 

I'll go get water!

Is she dead?

The voices were coming in clearer as she started to come to.  Her eyes began to focus and the lights from the dance floor were almost blinding her.  Once her eyes took focus, she saw the mystery man hovering over her holding the back of her head in the palm of his hand.

"Easy now."  he whispered, "You have quite the gash on your forehead."

"Shit!"  she whispered.  "I'm ok, really I am."

Rena slowly sat up.  The smell of body sweat and cheap perfume/cologne was taking over her.

"I don't think you'll need stitches, but you are pretty banged up.  Don't be surprised if you have a black eye or two in the morning."  the man said with concern.

"What are you?  A doctor?"  Rena asked with sarcasm.

"I just got my medical license three weeks ago, so yes, you can say I'm a doctor."  he chuckled, "Now come on, let me help you to a chair."

Rena wanted to argue but she felt weak and nauseous, so she obliged.
As he helped guide her up, she felt his hand on the small of her back.  She turned her head to  look at him and felt herself examining his facial features.  He had dimples.  Dimples were always a deal breaker with Rena.  He had a cleft chin, double bonus.

She sat down on the red leather bench next to the door.  Holding the towel wrapped in ice to her head.

"The name is Sam."  the man informed her.  "Sam Gunther"

Rena was so lost in Sam's features, his smile, his piercing eyes.  She stared at him blankly.  This is the part where she was supposed to offer up her name but she couldn't find the words.  The awkward silence was starting to kick in.

"I- I need to leave."  she blurted out.  She grabbed her purse up off the floor and stood up.

"Fuck!"  She exclaimed while grabbing her forehead.  The dizziness and pain overcame her and she sat back down.

"I'm not so sure it's a good idea for you to drive.  Can I drive you home?"  Sam offered.

Rena closed her eyes.  Why was this happening to her.  Why couldn't she have just walked out the door gracefully, got into her Buick LeSabre and drove back to her apartment and sulked like she did every weekend for the passed  months.   Why did she have to wear tennis shoes and why did she have to face plant in front of a hot doctor.

The entrance door opened, beside her.

"Rena!  What happened? Are you ok?"

"Mikko, how did you...."

"Lilly called me.  Come on, i'll take you home."

Mikko was Rena's roomate.  He moved to the area from Spain about 3 years prior to pursue a career in acting.

Rena put her purse over her shoulder and reached up for Mikko's hand.  As she stood up, she turned to Sam.

"Thank you, Doctor Sam.  For, you know -- your help." she said with embarrassment.

"My pleasure."  He responded.  "Be safe and uh - maybe you should look into slip on shoes, or even better.. Boots!  Like Uggs or something."

"Again, unsolicited advice!"  Rena said as she wrapped her arm into Mikko's.  She turned to look at Sam and smiled.  He returned the smile as she exited the club.

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