Breathless || Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles had always been the outcast. He stuck to himself, hiding away in the library, his only safe haven. When a new student, Ariel Parker, having stood out for not only being fresh meat but also her cherry red hair, comes into Marcel's life, he's unsure what to do. Would he get to know her and make friends with her or pretend she had never existed just as everyone had done to him his whole life? Sooner or later the two would have to butt heads and after a while, Marcel finds himself stuck in Ariel's gravitational pull. He couldn't claw his way out even if he wanted to. He wanted to figure Ariel out; she was a complete mystery and he wanted to solve her puzzle.


11. Chapter 11

"Do you want to come over to my place? We can just hang out so you don't have to see your mom," Leeroy's voice is timid as he suggests this and he smiles when I nod. 


"S-Sure," I mumble as I shut my locker. Harry comes to my side and offers to drive me to Leeroy's so I wouldn't have to take the bus. I nod gratefully. "Thanks, mate,"I say as I blimb into the passenger's seat. Halfway to the house, my phone begins to ring. I take it out, hesitantly pressing it to my ear as I say, "H-Hello?" 


"Marcel, thank god you picked up. Are you okay? I'm so sorry I couldn't be there with you. Did Zayn and Louis leave you alone?" 


Ariel bombards me with questions and I only shake my head at her although she couldn't see. "I-I'm fine," I cough and hear her sigh with relief. 


"Oh thank god," 


"A-Are you a-alright?" I ask, sniffling as I wait for her answer. 


"Yeah. My mom's just sick and I had to come and take care of her," She tries to sound nonchalant but I could hear the faint worry in her voice which she had been trying to mask. "Are you going home? I don't want your mom..." 


"I-I'm o-on my way t-to Leeroy's." I say and curl my free hand into a fist. "I'll b-be fine, A-Ariel. My face doesn't hurt that much anymore," What everyone didn't know, I took an Oxy this morning, careful to keep the bottle in the same spot as I had left it and yet it barely worked. 


"Have you eaten today?" 




"You need to," Ariel sounds sad and worried and it breaks my heart. 


"I-I--" Tears had begun pricking in my eyes and I wipe them away with the sleeve of my free hand. "I'll be f-fine. I-I don't even feel l-like I'm going t-to pass out y-yet," 


"Yet," Harry mumbles and I cringe. 


"Ariel, I u-uh, I have to g-go," I whisper once I see Leeroy's house come into view. We quickly say our goodbyes and Harry and I walk into the house like a second home. 


"Hello?" Harry calls. 


Liam comes bounding into the room, smiling slightly when he sees us. "What's up, lads?" He smiles and I notice the football jersey he was wearing. It had the last name of his favorite player on the back and he says, "There's a footsie game on today. You guys up for it?" 


"Sure," Harry smiles and I nod slightly, walking into the living room. The three of us sit down on the couch and I find Leeroy sitting in the reclining chair, looking down at his hands. 


A cough leaves my lips and I wince as flaring pain runs down my throat. "Please tell me you're not going to be that way during the entire game. I like to watch my footsie with maximum intensity," Liam comments and I can't help but laugh. 


"Sorry," I mumble and Liam only smirks, clapping his hand on my shoulder, making my body jostle at the force. I whimper in pain but try my best to ignore it as I grab the TV remote and flip on the channel Liam had requested. I settle back into the couch and coughs rumble through my chest. I swear, just above a whisper and try to hold in my coughs the best I can until commercials come on. 


"Marcel, honey, are you sick? Do you want me to make you something to eat?" Leeroy and Liam's mother, Karen ask when she finds me shivering under the balnket Liam had tossed to me minutes into the game. 


"N-No I'm alright Mrs. Payne," I mumble. 


'Oh nonsense. C'mon, love. I'll make you some soup or something," She smiles and even though the thought of food makes me feel ill, I follow after her. I sit down at the kitchen table and watch her scurry around the room, looking through the cabinets for a pan and cans of soup. "Tomato or chicken noodle?" She asks. 


"S-Surprise me," I reply and she laughs just before a sneezing fit comes on. "Stupid weather," I mutter miserably, bringing the blanket I still had draped over my shoulders closer around my small frame. 


"Oh honey," Karen says sympathetically, rushing to my side with tissue in hand as the soup bubbles up on the stove. I take the tissues gratefully and smile when she starts running her hands through my hair softly, humming a lullaby soothingly. I liked Karen. She was like the mother I never seemed to have. "Maybe you should have a rest once you're done eating," She suggests and I nod weakly into my hands. 


My soup is done in a matter of minutes and I stir the red broth around with my spoon, finding it to be tomato. I take a spoonful up to my lips with shaky hands and the taste is like heaven on my tongue. Heat instantly rushes through my body and slightly stops my shivering. Once the bowl is drained, I push it away and Karen orders me to the guest room. "T-Thanks," I whisper, smiling slightly as I walk over to the huge bed and burrow under the covers. 


"It's no problem, dear. I just want to see you well again," She says as she kisses the top of my head before walking out. 


It takes me a while to fall asleep, my coughing keeping me up for at least a half hour but when I finally do, I have no dreams. I am awakened by the sound of the door opening and my eyes reel open, confused on who could be walking in. Once my eyes have adjusted to the darkness, I find Harry's matching green orbs in the doorway. "We've got to go home, mate," Harry says and I could hear dread in his voice. 


"W-What time is it?" I ask. 


"Almost half six," He tells me and I nod, getting up out of bed and slowly walking out of the room with Harry beside me. "You ate," He whispers after we say our final goodbyes to the Payne family. 


"Y-Yeah," I reply softly, climbing into the passengers seat. With each minute we inch closer to the house, I begin to shake. She's going to be home and she's going to see how weak and fragile I look and she's going to hit me. I clench my hands into fists at my sides and grit my teeth to keep my fearful tears from spilling over. "S-She's going t-to be h-home," I mumble worriedly. 


"I won't let her hurt you, Marc," Harry promises and I nod, resting my head against the cool window. "I called Ariel," He says at a stoplight and my eyebrows raise with wonder. "I told her you ate today and she was crying she was so happy," 


"Y-You think I should call her w-when we g-get home? R-Reassure her I-I'm fine?" 


"If you want," We arrive at the house too quickly and I begin to shake again. I get out of the car nonetheless and Harry and I walk into the house side by side. I make it halfway up to my room when I feel her presence behind me. "Mom," Harry hisses, voice warnful.


I look back at my mother and when she sees my pale face and weak limbs, she tsks at me. "Such a weak little Styles, aren't you?" She asks me. "What? You're sick? The whole world may as well stop spinning because you're not feeling well, huh?" 


Tears prick in my eyes and I stare down at my shoes, not wanting to look up at her. "M-Mom, w-what'd I e-ever do to y-you?"


'You're the weakling of the bunch, Marcel. Harry and Gemma carry themselves proudly but you? You can't even bring yourself to look up at me when I speak," She grabs my chin in her hands, forcing me to look up at her and a small cough leaves my lips, not being able to hold it back. "Disgusting." She growls and lets go of my face, walking off. 


"Marc--" Harry starts and I shake my head. 


I shake my head. "I-I just want to be alone." I tell him before going to my room and shutting the door behind me. I walk to my bed with rough dry coughs following me and burrow under the covers. I sit alone for maybe a half hour before there's a soft knock on my door. "W-What?" I whisper from under my blankets. I begin to shake with the thought of it being my mother but as soon as a flash of red hair fills my vision, I relax slightly. "A-Ariel, what're you doing here?" I question, coughing madly after that. 


"Harry told me you were getting worse so I decided to come over," She shrugs and flips on the light, having me wince but adjust to it seconds after. I find her standing at the edge of my bed with a box of tissue and a container of orange juice in her hands. I laugh softly and motion for her to take a spot on my bed which she does. "You do seem to have gotten worse," She points out and I blush madly when I find her eyes scanning over my body. "And that is why I got you tissues and orange juice," She smiles. 


"I-I don't want to g-get you s-sick," I say, making a lame attempt to cough away from her and she only smirks. 


"If you would've gotten me sick, it would've happened by now," She points out and I sigh in defeat, laying back in bed, trying to fight off another blush. I couldn't believe Ariel was here, in my bed, offering to take care of me. "So your mom was..." 


"She didn't hit me," I mumble and she nods, pulling me into a sideways hug. 


"I'm glad and I'm happy you ate today, Marcel," I offer her a small small before another sneezing fit runs over me. "Ooh, you're really sick," She cringes and I nod weakly. 


"You could s-say that," I mumble weakly. 


"I'm making it my mission to take care of you, Marcel Styles," Ariel smiles and when I ask about her mom who she had said was home sick, she replies, "She's asleep. Now I've got all day," 


So this story is almost at 100 reads. Thank you so much for that. I hope you like it. The only reason I made Marcel sick these past couple chapters is because I'm sick a well xD This chapter is unedited so if there are spelling or any other errors, I'm sorry and I'll eventually go back and fix them later. I'll talk to you guys next chapter though. I love you all cx


-Shianne xx

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