BFF Betrayl

My BFF said that I betrayed her and I didn't. Now I don't know what to do. I hope it gets back to normal.


1. In Math Class

"Who are you working with on the pepsi box?",Jorggedyg asked. "I'm working with you and Tori.", I said. "I thought we were working together.", said Bella. "When you were absent I had to do the measuring and I couldn't do it alone."I said. "I see how it is Alisha. Bella what did I do ? "You betrayed me!" How did I betray you? "You went off working with somebody else when you were supposed to work with me." Bella how much do I have to tell you, you weren't here and I had to start on it. Whatever, said Bella. " Bella seriously I had to start on it and...... Well ..... I couldn't do it alone and only other friend in this class is Jorggedyg." I said. 

  Bella still didn't understand why I had to work with somebody else and why she was with Steven. She didn't want to be with Steven so she started bullying him. There was a substitute teacher that day. When Mr. Bohl came back the next day he sent Steven to the office so he could talk to the class about what we did. Then we tried to tell him it wasn't us it was Bella, but he didn't believe us at first until we told him why. Then he believed me when I told him that Bella didn't want to work with him so she bullied him.

  Mr. Bohl sent Bella to the office and she got in big trouble by the principal. The principal gave her a demerit and suspended her for three days. When she got back to the classroom she was crying. We asked her why and she said, " first she yelled at me, then she told me I was getting a demerit and getting suspended." After she said that she was trying to blame everything on me and it didn't work because everybody knew it wasn't and started telling Mr. Bohl what happened then he didn't believe Bella, which of course made me happy because I was mad at her that day.

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