1. the party

the party

"ok, Madi.! you know I don't like parties.!" I hugged as my best friend Madi pulled into a loud music blaring house. "maybe you should try again.!" I looked up to the second floor window and saw the cutest guy i have ever seen. "ok I'll try I one more time..." I blush and jump out.. I pulled out my phone to check my hair that was in a high messy dirty blonde bun with a pink bun and not much make up. I looked down at my blue denim jacket and a white sequence and my white jeans with my black converse. "you look fine ok Diana?" madi smiled at me as she closed the car door. "yeah ok." I laughed as I walked to the door. madi knocked and looked at me. the door opened a tad. "madi!" a young man leaned in and kissed madi and looked over at me with a shocked face. "and who's this?" I looked down then up again. "I'm Diana." I smiled. he grinned "well why don't you guys come in!" the man moved out of the doors way. I smiled and walked in. "thanks." I took one look and was already starting to regret it. garbage everywhere, people making out in every corner and loud, very loud music. I tried to talk to madi but she couldn't hear me. "I'm gonna go upstairs and look around!" I shouted. "what?!" she screamed. "nevermind!" I yelled and ran upstairs. I looked around for a bit than have up. "hi! you are pretty!" I turned and saw him. "oh thanks!" I blushed but looked down so he wouldn't see. "how 'bout I get you a drink?" he smiled. "I don't know, I'm not much of a drinker" he rolled his eyes smiling. "why am I not suprised?" he laughed. "you know what?! go get that drink!" ok I was a little offended. "ok bæ!" he smiled. he bounced down the stairs and out if view. I quickly pulled out my phone and did a beauty check. he ran back up with two drinks. "hey nice phone, but there is something wrong with it." I panicked and looked down, turned it on, then off. "what?" I looked up concerned. "it doesn't have my number on it." he smiled so I gave it to him so he could put it in. he smiled. gave it back and kissed my cheek. "I need to get going, but text me or call me tomorrow." he smiled. "bye baby!" he said smiling so big. "bye bye!" I blushed a smiled copying his smile. I walked around for a bit then got lost. I sat down on a couch with a couple getting it on next to me. "hey beaut!" I almost leaped out of my shoes. a cute guy with hazel eyes and hair sat down next to me. "hey" I replied. "having as much fun as the kids beside you?" he asked laughing. "hah.. no." I said. "it's pretty hot in here." he said. "I'm not taking off my clothes." I giggled. "no I didn't want to imply that. I wanted to leave this room and find another with less people." I don't know why but I felt intimidated. "ok bye!" I said trying to keep a straight face. "hah cutie. I meant with you." I smiled. "oh.. ok let's go!" I yelled happily. he grabbed my hand and led me up three little steps and down a forked hall to a door. "better safe than sorry!" he said knocking on the door giggling. when no one answered he opened it and walked in. I followed. I closed the door so no one would come in. " hi I'm Cameron Dallas!" he said. " what's your name?" I smiled. "Diana Quinn." I said blushing. "cute." he smiled and he came and put his hands on my waists and slowly and gently pushed me to the door and put my back on it. "you have beautiful green eyes." he said. his lips slowly touched mine and they were smooth and soft and heavenly. we kissed for about two minutes before It turned Into a full on makeout. we were on the ground I was on top of him and he kept pulling me tight against his bare chest completed with a six pack and nicely tanned. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and looked at it. it was madi.

madi: where are you? not with some hot guy right? 😁😘

i started to reply 'yeah' when he pulled me back down. I started giggling. "I have to go" I said sitting up on his thighs. "on well this has been fun!" he said. I handed him my phone and he punched in his number. I looked at the contact and of course it said Cameron😘😘💗. "bye!" I kissed him goodbye and ran to find madi who was naked on the dance floor. "MADI!" I shouted shocked. sure enough, everyone heard me. madi saw me and quickly grabbed her close and put them on while all of the guys complained and groaned. madi ran over to me cheeks flushed. "sorry..." she Said. "let's just go home." I said and got her in the car and drove home.

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