The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


3. The Meeting

Hey Readers! Chapter three of The Black Phoenix is now finish. I know it is not to long but I am trying hard to make it to a very good story. Hope you all will enjoy ^^


Chapter 3. The meeting.

The young teen could see that his potion master started to show off his true age. He was looking so tired at his face, exhausted and wanted to give up a battle he was in. He glanced over to the door nearby, seeing that the spell truly had taken form around the room. It was almost like a surface of a calm pond, which just got a drop down to disturb the clear waving.

"You need to know the truth Harry, which is why I want you to promise me, that you do not speak a word outside those walls to anyone. " Snape explained, before he leaned back against the couch and inhaled a deeply breath.

Harry cleared his throat, while his eyes were on the floor again. He didn't understand quiet well. Snape was so suddenly nice against him, and the fact that he didn't snap at him or cursed against him was awkwardly strange. What was wrong with his potion master?

"The truth?" The boy questioned to break the small silent between them.

"The truth yes. " Severus answered with a low and kind voice.

"I know you got a few dreams, meetings about me and The Dark Lord I suppose?" The potion master questioned.

Harry only nodded for a second, before his green eyes looked up at the potion master again. The cracking fireplace continued to burn the wood. The flames illuminated the room so kindly, that it almost felt nicer to stay there. The teen looked at the fireplace instead, as the silence again filled the room. Severus had slowly sat a bit more forward, his hands folded against his lap.

"The Dark lord isn't going to kill you Harry, all that you have been through has been a lie from the start. I do not want to be the one to speak the whole truth, I think that you shall come with me for a time." Severus explained, while he stood from the couch. He took his robe from it, where he then took it over him.

"Where to, Sir?" Harry asked him, his eyes never left the flames from the burning wood.

"I know you wouldn't trust me, even if your life depended on it Harry. I only ask you for one favor now. Trust me on this, let me take you to a person who can speak this proper with you." The potion master said, his hand got in his pocket to his wand where he pulled it out.

"I asked for one thing Sir. Where to?" Harry questioned him again, if he should trust the man, he wanted to know where Severus were taking him.

"To a person who can explain this better than I can do Mr. Potter." Severus answered him instead.

The teen sighed right after, as he then stood from the couch. He really was tired, his eyes had almost small black bags under them. He knew they must look horrible, too, since he never got a proper sleep those past weeks.

"I trust you. " Harry said in the end, where he looked up at his potion master right after.

Severus had held his hand out for Harry, as if he told him to grab his arm.

"No not apparating… "Harry said a bit low, while he looked a bit away from his potion master.

"Something the matter about apparating, Mr. Potter?" Snape asked him, while he had lowering his hand a bit to his side again.

"Last time… I got apparatet… I didn't feel too well. It was like, that my stomach turned upside down," Harry explained, before he looked at a clock, which hang on the wall nearby. It was almost four in the morning by now, just by looking at the clock, Harry could feel how his body screamed at him to get some more sleep. The thing was, he didn't want to sleep or rather he couldn't sleep.

The potion master looked at the raven-haired teen for a while, as his thoughts run around the topic that he spoke. So Dumbledore earlier this year had apparated with Harry? Where to? Moreover why?

"Can't we use the Floo Network?" Harry questioned his potion master, while he noticed Snape was thinking deeply over a few things. What Snape was thinking was a thing Harry never would know. No one could know what the potion master would think about, not even the other staff members at Hogwarts.

"I would say, even though you are not very good in Potion, you do have a good idea for us to use the Floo Network instead. On that way, we will not be seen by anyone, "Snape said, as he walked over to the fireplace. He grabbed a small jar on the shelf above the fireplace, where he took a handful powder out from it. He then cast the powder in the fireplace, where the flames from the cracking wood turned to a light green color.

"Riddles Manor," Snape said clearly and calmly, and then the flames slowly calmed down again and were only the green color that they should be.

"You go in first, I will be right behind you." Snape said, while he made a hand to the green flames.

Harry cleared his throat, while he looked at the green flames. Riddles Manor? What was that? Where in the world was that?

Harry slowly stepped forward, he noticed that Snape lowered his hand again. The raven-haired teen took a deep breath, before he got inside the green flames. He felt how his body was flying through the different fireplaces, he always hated to do this since he felt sick in his stomach. Harry felt the ground underneath his feet again, he had landed right in a room, which looked like a library.

His green eyes scanned the room for a time, seeing the walls were all shelves with lots of books. He had stepped a bit forward so his potion master could get through as well.

"Isn't it a bit late for you to bring him here Severus?" A calm voice spoke from a chair over at a desk. The chair was turned so Harry could not see who it was, however he could almost guess who it could be.

The voice was familiar for him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Snape was standing behind him. The green flames turned to the normal red and yellowish color again. The room was hardly illuminated by the fireplace, only a lamp on the desk was turned on, too, so all the books and paper works could be seen.

"He needed the option now My Lord." Snape spoke from behind Harry, Harry could then feel Snape's hand on his shoulder while he saw the chair turned around.

In it was a 20-years-old looking man, he had black hair and soft brown eyes. He was actually looking like a handsome young man, whom Harry could remember he had seen in a younger state.

"Welcome Harry." The elder male said, as he stood from his chair. His soft brown eyes were looking right into Harry's green ones.

"My name… is Tom Riddle, however-, "he said, while he stepped forward toward the teen and the potion master." you know me as The Dark Lord or Lord Voldemort," the elder black haired male explained.

Harry just looked at the taller male, he never thought that Lord Voldemort would become Tom Riddle once again. Was this a trap? Had his potion master gotten him to the dark lord?

Harry felt his head pounding, he felt lightheaded and dizzy, too.

"Harry?" Tom's voice asked, while Harry's world got more blurry.

He had slowly fallen sideway where darkness surrounded him and swallowed him in nothingness.


That was Chapter three. I hope you enjoyed it! Now I want to question you all readers. I have gotten a few Pm's asking me if I could make it to a few things. Sooooo… now I want to ask.

What do you want to happen in the story? I know my main plot in it but I do like to get more ideas. I fear I do get a writer block so it would be nice if you call could come with a small idea ^^*

Thanks for reading!

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