The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


6. Harry's Desire.

Yes Chapter six is now finish, it's a bit short and I apologies for that. I got lots of things going on right now, but I will try to keep up the updates. :3

Warning! A tiny M Rated stuff is happening in this Chapter! Do not read if you don't like!



Chapter 6. Harry's desire.

Bellatrix looked at her lord, while he was sitting in front at that boy. She didn't quite know what to say, other than she should go for her dagger in her back pocket.

"It's a bit early you are awake Bellatrix, is there something you want?" Tom asked her with a bit hard voice, as his face had turned to a sternly look when he looked toward her.

"You know, my lord that I always get up early to make my duties." Bellatrix said back with her soft and submission voice toward her lord.

"Oh go get a room where you two can get it off at, "Harry grumbled as he looked away from them, while he kept the blanket close around him.

"Show some respect brat!" Bellatrix suddenly snapped, as she fast enough got her dagger out from her pocket.

"Bellatrix! You do not harm him unless I have given an order, is that clear?" He said with a hard and demanding voice.

Bellatrix looked rather shocked by her lord's words, she didn't quite expect him to give her such a demanding order. For a second she held her dagger back, and pocket it in her back pocket. She then held her hand at her heart, and bowed lightly toward her lord. "Forgive me my lord, I shall not get near the boy if it's what you wish." She spoke, while her eyes was on the floor.

"Leave, you are dismissed." The dark lord ordered, as he took a seat again at the kitchen table. "And you Harry, we need to have a talk about your staying here." He comment, while he took his hand at the cup of coffee he had in front at him.

Harry looked at Tom for a while, he was impressed actually. Tom who he thought would allow someone like Bellatrix to hurt him, just made a demand about not to harm him, oh well unless Tom gave permission for it.

" I…I never thought that you do stand up for me like that, I know I'm your godson and that…but I never expected you to go that far. " he admitted, as he fold his leg against his chest once again. He green eyes looked at the floor, he might sound stupid by saying that, but at least Tom knew what he meant.

"Harry, you know from now on, I will always try to protect you no matter what. Even from my own Death Eaters, if I shall kill them or torture them." Tom explained, as he had been studied Harry for a while.

He could see the teen was rather shocked, maybe impressed? Tom shook the thoughts out of his head, he stood from the chair after a while, his wand waved over the table to clear it from any mess or dish there would be on.

"Listen Harry, I got some work to do now. I can lead you back to your room, but I want you to promise me something." Tom said with his soft silky voice, his eyes locked with Harry's for a moment.

"What shall I promise?" Harry questioned with a low voice, he pulled the blanket a little more over his shoulders so it were covering his body fully.

Tom had slowly walked closer to the teen, his eyes still looking at the green ones. Tom let his hand get to Harry's cheek, he slowly caressed him so soft and smooth. Oh that smooth and lovely skin, how it felt nice to touch Harry like this. On a gentle and careful way, it was a wonderful feeling under Tom's fingers.

"Promise me not to search out anyone right now, I don't want to risk your safety would be in danger." Tom whispered so soft and sweet, Harry couldn't handle but blush at the voice even the touch.

Harry felt his chest getting tight, his heartbeat was getting faster almost like a rabbits. What was wrong with him? He had liked the way Tom's hand was caressing his cheek, the feeling was so rare for him to feel. Harry flushed a deep red, as he felt something in his pants was getting tight.

Wait! No, no, no! this couldn't be happening!

"I-I promise, excuse me." Harry said, while he had left his chair, his hand hold the blanket tightly around him. He had walked to his room and closed the door behind him, he felt his cheeks heat more up. Why did he need to feel such thing toward Tom?

"Couldn't you just have stayed down?" He mumbled, as he looked down at his pants. Seeing the bugler tried to get out from his pants, this was just an embarrassment for him.

Harry looked at the door for a moment, he listen to if someone was out there. He made it clear in his head that no one was around, he couldn't hear anything at all.

The raven-haired teen then got over on his bed again, he lied down with the blanket over him. Was he really going to do it? Right here and now?

Harry groaned a bit, he hid his head in his pillow. Why did he need to get hard by Tom's touch?

It was wrong right? Well, they was sort of in family now right? He couldn't think of Tom like anything else, or could he?

Tom's hand ran down at his body, just above his harden member.

Harry moaned a bit into his pillow, his hand clung on the blanket. He was so wrong on imagine that, but he wished it would happen, wait what? No!

A kiss placed on his belly, his tongue ran down and licked Harry's skin. He spread Harry's legs and placed a soft kiss on Harry's thigh.

Another moaned escaped Harry's mouth, he panted a bit as he had slipped his hand under the waistband of pants. He let his fingers wrap around his harden cock, teasing it as he imagined that it was Tom who did this to him.

A knocking was on his door, Harry gasped as he removed his hand from his pants again. The blanket tugged firmly around himself, as he fold him into a ball so his harden cock could not be seen.

"You still awake Mr. Potter?" Severus voice sounded from behind the door, Harry let out a small breath. He hid his head against the pillow, maybe if he just stayed silent Snape would go away? He could not let his potion master see him like this.

Harry bite his lip, his eyes was over on the door. He heard nothing, not a single word from his potion master. Had he already gone away?

He sighed right after, as he adjusted himself on the bed. Why did he need to get hard right now? At the school he could always had drawn the curtains around his bed on, then the others wouldn't see him. Even with a silence spell, then they would not be able to hear…him.

Why didn't he thought about that? Casting a simple silence charm around the room, it would be easy if he did that.

Wait, he could not use magic. Not while he was not at Hogwarts, maybe Tom made it so he could use magic. He should better be safe, right? Don't use magic before you hear if you can, else he would not know what sort of consequences there might be.

Harry bite his lip again, his hand slipped under the waistband of his pants where he took his harden cock in his hand again. He closed his eyes, thinking about Tom touching him again.

He really was bad by thinking it, right?


Yeah so…..I told it was a tiny bit M Rated right? ^^* Really I'm trying my best to write this, but I don't want to harsh on it all ya know?

Do come with ideas and things you would like to see in the story :3 Im opened for everything! Until next time my dear Readers :3

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