Love is a Strange Thing

Kara is shy 16 year old girl. She is not the 'bad girl' type, let alone the 'partying' type. She has known Josh Campbree for as long as she can remember, but she has never fully aknowledges him until a party. They start to fall in love, and life is going good. Until Kara finds out that she is going to be sent away to a boarding school where she will not be allowed out until she graduates, except for very special occasions. Kara realizes love is a strange thing, so strange it can make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Then... Kara and Josh soon find out a secret that could change everything.


4. The Movie

              We both sit on the couch. Josh sits next to the right armrest and I sit right beside him. He hasn't told me what the movie is yet. He said it was going to be a "surprise" I may like scary movies, but I am not sitting on the edge of the couch, so I made Josh take the edge. He didn't seem to mind.

       "So is it something... that has to do with ghosts?" I cant take the suspense any longer.

       "I'm not going to tell you anything," He walks over and turns off the lights. Ughhhh... I don't like the dark. I never have, which is why its supprising that I like scary movies. When he walks back over he pushes the play button on the white remote and the movie begins.

       I don't know what it is. I have never seen any of these characters, or any of these scenes. "What is it?"

       "This is my favorite scary movie. It's called "The Strangers." I wont tell you what happens though so pay attention," he smiles and points at the screen.

        The beginning is confusing. A girl knocks on the door, but does not say anything when the couple answers. Then it starts to get creepy. I shrink back in the couch as I watch. People with masks invade the house as the women and her husband try to hide from them. With my mind I try to will them to run faster, but of course they don't. I cover my eyes when they catch the girl, and lean closer to Josh. Finally the married couple is on the floor, tied up. Of course they're dead. The camera gets closer, and focuses on the girl. She lays there, without moving, then out of nowhere she sits up screams.

         "Holy crap! Your trying to kill me," I shove Josh, but he just laughs at my reaction.

         "No, but that got you pretty close to me," I hadn't realized it, but I was practically on top of him. My arms are wrapped around him tightly. I let go and move back to my spot on the couch. "I didn't say you had to let go."

          "Yeah, but I'm mad at you."

         "Oh come on. Its a good movie. I thought you liked scary movies," he questions.

         "I hate surprises."

         "Well come on, we are gonna go somewhere," he grabs my hand pulls me off the couch.

         "Josh... I don't think you realize I have to change... or at least make myself look better. My hair is a mess," I run through my knotted hair to show him.

         "We have a bathroom."

         "No, I thought you went outside," I shake my head and roll my eyes.

         "Whatever go "fix yourself up." The bathroom is upstairs. Walk down the hall, its the 2 door to your right."

          I walk upstairs and down the hall the 2 door on the right. The bathroom is brightly lit. It has light blue tiles, a white marble counter, a white toilet, the shower is light blue like the tiles, and there are wood cabinets above and under the sink. I open up the cabinet above the sink and find some medicine, a brush, some hair ties, degree, and toothbrushes and toothpaste. I grab the black brush and start to run it through my ratty hair. Once I am done my blonde hair his shiny and straight. The curls I put in it yesterday are gone, same with my makeup. The dress is a little wrinkled, but it still looks pretty. My dark blue eyes shine in the white light, making them look lighter than they really are. I look okay. I put the brush back, close the cabinet, and walk back out into the hallway.

         I pause in front of a boys bedroom. Josh's room. I know I shouldn't invade his privacy, but I cant stop myself from walking in. I'll only be a minute. I look around. His room is pretty bare. No posters or decorations, the exact opposite of my room. His bed is a plain wood color, with black blankets, and white pillows. He has a black night stand beside his bed, with a gray alarm clock. The red numbers read 1:04. I walk deeper in the room. Each wall is a different color. White, navy blue, green, and red. Well that's unique. I am about to walk back out when he spins me around so I am facing him. He lifts me in the air and smiles. Thank god he's not mad.

         "Did you find anything interesting," he says and sets me down.

         "Yes, I like your walls. I've always wanted to splatter paint on my walls when I was kid, but I was never allowed."

         "Hmmm... do you wanna do something, other than going somewhere?"

         "That depends. Where were you planning on taking me?" I ask with a hint of a smile on my face.

         "Nowhere, just drive around and talk."

         "What would we being doing here?"

         "Splattering paint on my walls," the smile spreads across my face at his offer.

         "Where will you get the paint?"

         "The basement. We have all kinds of colors down there," he shrugs.

         "The paint it is, but first... I have to change for this. This is Christina's dress and she will literaly kill me if I get anything on it."

          "You can wear some of my clothes if you want."

          "Okay." He walks to his closet and pulls out some gray sweat pants and a plain black t-shirt. He hands them to me and walks out of the room. I take off the dress. It feels weird undressing in Josh's bedroom even though he is not here. I put the clothes on quickly. The sweat pants are big, but they don't fall down so I guess they are okay. The shirt fits better than the pants. I walk out into the hall and find Josh leaning against the wall about 2 feet away from the doorway. "I don't understand how you can make THAT look hot," his tone is joking, but his face is serious as he looks at me from head to toe.

            "Up here Josh," I pull his chin up so he is looking at my eyes. The shirt comes down to just above my bra. I pull it up and push Josh toward the stairs. We walk down stairs, into the kitchen, and through a door that leads down more stairs. We walk down them and come to an open room. The walls are cement, and the floor is cold stone. There are piles of tubs, boxes and paint. We walk over to the paint and look at the colors. Blue, pink, white, green, red, purple, yellow, and a small tub of black for designs.

             "Lets bring blue, white, green, purple, and red. We can splatter the colors of sections of your walls on different sections." I grab blue and white. Josh carries green, purple, and red. We walk back up to his room and set the paint down. Josh goes to get newspaper and brushes and I open up the cans of paint. I sit down and pry the 5 lids off. Josh comes back a minute or 2 later with newspapers and 2 brushes. We set each can of paint on a piece of newspaper and line the walls with it too. We each grab a brush and dip it in a color. I launch the paint at the wall and it splatters like a paintball. We do this until most of the walls are tie die. I step back and look at our work. Fabulous.

             "I think it could use just a little extra touch," a huge smile spreads across his face and he flicks paint at me. It hits makes a blue patch on my left leg.

             "You're on." I fling paint at him. Hopefully he doesn't like those clothes.

            For a long time we laugh and throw paint at each other. By now all our precautions have been a wasted effort. Paint is all over us, the floors, and the walls. I flick just a little a more paint at him and he walks toward me. I back up against the wall and we kiss. My arms wrap around his neck and one of his arms are around me and his hand his resting on my cheek. I sigh. This is my second kiss EVER and it is with the same guy. He lets me go and when I step away from the wall, I see the outline of my body In the paint.

             "I think I messed up our artwork."

             "No you made it better," he pulls me to him and we kiss again.


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