New world

This is a Halo Fan Fiction my mother gave me the idea because she is a huge Halo fan, so she has gave me the idea to start on for her.

You never have the training of the spartans, how they recruit the trainees, what hard ships they will go through, with this you will.

My brother was in love with the video games, the books, and the movies. He would drag me outside and he would ask me to train him to be a spartan, that is what I did, thanks to him, I know what to write in this book. Hope you enjoy .
I have been thinking about adding more to it besides Halo, like Aliens vs. Predators as well as Halo


8. I am a Natural Spartan

When I walked out in the middle of a battle I was already fighting, that was when I was doing things I saw my brother do... I flipped, I hit, I was a machine... by the time I was done, they was running, and everyone was staring at me. 

"What?" I looked at them, that was when I heard the heavy thunk of a Spartan's boots. I tilted my head in frustration and turned to face whoever it was... it wasn't my brother. This one was a dark green, and he walked with authority, that was when everyone stood attention. My brother came running in, to me and the other Spartan.

"I am so sorry Master Chief," that was when the I am guessing Master Chief, cut him off with his hand, my brother, shuts up. Master Chief looks at me, and looks me over.

"So you are the Power Born," the marines behind me gasp.

"I guess so Sir," I stand tall, and I will not let this man intimidate me.

"Did you destroy, 207's armor?" he asks. I look at him, and I was taller than him so I had to look down. 

"Yes I did, want me to break yours?" that was when everyone gasps, and Master Chief chuckles.

"You got spunk. Welcome to Noble 1," I just got assigned

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