Direct to Forever: The Beginning

How would you feel if you met the boy band of your dreams? Excited? Over the moon? Well Aanah felt all those things, and more. Any fan would. It's when her life turns into a freaking soap opera she started having second thoughts, and falls into situations where she never thought she'd end up.

One Direction famous.


1. Prologue


It was so mesmerizing to see. I would see it on T.V, YouTube, but never would I have thought that I would be experiencing this from the angle I was.

I felt an arm around my shoulders.

I looked at him, to be met with his goofy grin. It's amazing how this little movement of his mouth could make my knees go weak. "Crazy, isn't it?", he asked.

I looked back at the crowd, all those screaming girls, showing their support, showing their love. If life wasn't playing such a weird pleasant game with me, I would have been amidst them, not that I would have mind. Being able to catch the slightest glimpse of these five boys would mean everything to me.

I nodded slowly, looking back at the crowd. "I hope you guys don't take us for granted.."

The words came out before I could stop them. I quickly looked at him with an apologetic look, hoping he would catch it with his eyes. But of course he didn't mind.

I don't know why I said it. Maybe because I'm seeing it from their perspective, but even if he didn't say what he had said next, I know for a fact, that they don't.

"Never", he said seriously. "They..", He stopped mid sentence, and started again.

"You guys...are everything to us".

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