A Match Made In...

Ella is perfectly happy being single. Unfortunately, her best friend, Stephanie, has made it her number one priority to set Ella up with one of her guy mates. But with Stephanie's string of past disasters, Ella isn't exactly willing to agree, until Stephanie seems to find the perfect guy for her. Smart, funny, relatively good looking and the number one priority, watches the TV show Sherlock. But is this new found guy all he's cracked up to be?


1. The Matchmaker

Stephanie has always pictured herself as a matchmaker. Forever saying "Oh, you'd look so good with...' Most of the time it's just pointless chatter, a good laugh. But when she gets it stuck in her head that you really would look good with someone, she'll stop at nothing to attempt to make it official.


Unfortunately for me, I'm Stephanie's latest project. I normally steer clear of her love life, or what she believes are other people's love lives, but she roped me in to her plans earlier today.


Picture a tall, tanned girl with long legs, curvy body and swishy, blonde hair. Perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect everything. Now picture a girl of average height, who is pale with legs like matchsticks,and shoulder length, thick, curly mud-coloured hair which seems to explode in the rain. Stephanie is the first description, of course. I don't really know why she hangs out with me, the second description. 


I guess I could look worse, but I could also look heaps better. I could also act heaps better. Stephanie is always planning social events, and going out to all her different clubs, while I sit at home with Netflix, or a good book, or re watching Sherlock episodes. 


So when Stephanie decided that I would 'look so good' with this boy, Matthew, I wouldn't accept. After countless failed attempts with other girls to 'set them up,' I was a little wary of Stephanie's out of control ways. Sure, she was adorable, and funny and friendly, but she also managed to turn a whole Hockey Team against one girl, because she thought that Amelia would look 'so good' with Josh, the Hockey Team Captain's boyfriend.


But the more Stephanie talked about this Matthew, the more I've begun to warm to the idea. He's tall, relatively good looking, goes to one of the leading grammar schools, funny, sweet, and really loves Sherlock. Also, Stephanie has checked, and there are no girlfriends already in the equation. So, after hours of persuading and convincing, I reluctantly agreed to meet up with him. I mean...what's the worst that could happen?

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