The plane crash

I was flying to France when my plane crashed . Everybody was dead except me and this beautiful boy , he helped me out and we called 911 all of our families were on that plane and they all died so we only had each other.


1. Getting on the plane



Samantha's POV: 

               " The plane will be moving in 10 minutes " said the pilot. My family was heading to Paris for the summer, this was our treat for doing do good in school ! My brother and I always wanted to go to Paris . My dream was to go all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower and try the snails ! I know the snails sound nasty but YOLO right. As we were walking to our seat i saw this Handsome boy with very luscious hair even more luscious than mine and I am a girl . " Please take your seats , the plane will be leaving any moment now . " 


Zayn's POV: We were taking our seat when I saw this girl she was Beautiful she had red rosy cheeks , little dimples , and freckles the hottest thing a girl can have .  Something really awkward happened she saw me staring at her and she blushed !


Samantha's POV :

I saw him staring and me I just felt butterflies in my stomach . As i got up to go to the bathroom i accidentally ran into him . " I am so sorry " he said . " Hi I'm Zayn " he said " Hi I'm Samantha " I said . He helped me up and his hand felt amaZAYN ! " So you heading off to France ? " " Well ya, but we will be staying in Paris , my brother  Zack and I got to pick a state or country and we picked Paris " , I said .

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