Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


13. Eleanor

Louis didn't understand why I was angry. He pulled me into his cab and forced me to listen to him. 
"When I have sex as we had, others can enjoy it." he mumbled and smiled at me. "It's actually nice to show what can be done?" 
I looked at him coldly. 
"And if the police come? No one may not have sex in open places." 
Louis smiled and kissed me lightly on the cheek. 
"I've been caught once, but then paid the other so I came out and more didn't happen. Damn sweetheart. It's nothing to be ashamed of, because everyone has sex."
I looked at him coldly. 
"Can't you drop me off and let me go home? I want no more." 
Louis became serious. 
"No, not yet." 
I swallowed. 
"So you kidnapped me?" 
He didn't understand what I meant or why I said that to him. 
"No, you went with us voluntarily and you went on the bus." 
I sighed, 
"But nobody told me that I would be forced to have sex with you and make a fool of myself." 
He laughed. 
"You haven't made ​​a fool of you. You've done what we said to you, and we like it. You're a great girl and we all brag about how nice you are." 
I was still angry and shook my head. 
"Louis, I want to go home and I want to go home now."


Okay, the guys started to get worried. Louis told the other that I wanted to leave them and immediately they had the emergency meeting. I got to sit in the midst of them and Louis saw that I didn't like it. 
"Come on You get all of us, and clothes, food and love." Niall mumbled. "You should be thankful that we chose you." 
I looked coldly at him and the others. 
"I want to go home and I don't care if you give me more clothes. I don't want to have sex with you again." 
"Well we don't believe in that!" exclaimed Liam. "You enjoy and you love it." 
I sighed. 
"Yes, I might enjoy that part but this is not a life. Complying with you and obey you guys all day. You have sex with us girls as soon as you get the chance." 
Liam leaned toward me and raised his eyebrows. 
"When we became known we promised each other to always enjoy life. What we all love is rock, drugs, alcohol and girls. Therefore, it's those bits that we are good at."


I noticed a change. The guys were on their guard, and they made ​​sure that none of us girls got one chance to escape. Eleanor was the one who got angry and she looked coldly at me. 
"Thank you so much." she murmured cold. "Now we can't even try?" 
I swallowed. 
"You can, but not me. You never said that you want to go home, so I think they're just going to keep an eye on me." 
She frowned. 
"So you mean I could run away without you?" 
I nodded and swallowed. It was her only chance and I didn't want to ruin it for anyone else. Eleanor hugged me and she smiled.
"Okay and I promise to send help to you." 
I was grateful and took up a paper. I wrote down a number and gave it to her. 
"Call my parents too, but don't tell them the truth."


We stood at their gigs and listened. Eleanor hugged me and smiled weakly. 
"I'm leaving now?" 
I nodded and felt how empty it would be. I saw her slipping away and I noticed that the guards didn't immediately noticed her. I was holding thumbs that she would survive and come home.


"Damn where is she?" 
All the boys screamed and the guards were as question marks. I played stupid and I said nothing. When Niall asked me, I tried to see honest at him. 
"She would just go to the bathroom?" 
He looked coldly at me and then at the other girls. 
"Who the hell knows anything of value?" 
Sophia lifted up her hand and Niall looked at her. 
"She may have gone astray?" 
I wanted to laugh, because it sounded so stupid, but I knew that Niall had seen through me. 
"She's not in the building." murmured a guard who had been looking. Niall looked at him coldly. 
"Damn, be sure to find her. That fucking whore wont escape."


That night nothing happened. Me and the other girls were locked in the hotel and the guys went out to look. It was wonderful to shower and then go to bed alone. It was like coming to the celestial kingdom, and I realized how much I missed my freedom.

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