Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


19. Again prisoner

Niall pulled me out of the bus and I saw was had caused the bus to stopped. Niall had parked right in front of the bus, and he threw me into the back seat. He locked the door and I found I couldn't open it from the inside. Niall sat behind the wheel and he drove quickly away. 
"But come on!" I got out of me. "I just wanna go home and I know that they are looking for me." 
Niall snorted. 
"You don't have any idea about a single thing. You'll just shall obey us and hang with us. That's what you said yes to from the beginning." 
I swallowed. 
"I've changed my mind." 
He laughed cold and drove out onto the highway. 
"Emma, ​​the one thing you must know. You were my favourite until you ran away and I was ready to marry you." 
I looked out and felt small. 
"I wont marry you."
He snorted. 
"I know, because I don't intend to propose to you."


We didn't drive back to their house, we drove instead to some other area. I didn't recognize me and I realized I was again lost. Talk about bad luck.


Niall stopped outside a motel. He pulled me towards one of the rooms and opened the door. He threw me in and I was about to fall over Louis. No one was in a good mood and everyone looked coldly at me. 
"Talk about that we were lucky." Harry mumbled and looked at me. "We found atleast you!" 
Niall pushed me towards the bed and I sat down on the blanket. I saw that everyone was worried and I wondered if they knew that I was wanted in the country? Maybe that Eleanor and the others had also told the police what had happened? Maybe I still would get away from them?


Liam stood by the window and peered out. He seemed to search for the suspect vehicle, and he was careful not to miss a single detail. 
"We will stay here a few days." he said and looked at the others. "We lay low and pays the motel to shut up, if the police get here." 
Niall agreed. 
"And Emma may not leave the room?" 
Everyone agreed but not me.


I had to lie in the middle of the bed. On my right side was Louis and on my left was Harry. I saw how the others made ​​up the order in the small room and there were hardly place any more than the beds when they were clear with it. I chose to put me under the covers and I felt that I was tired. I couldn't care what they were talking about and eventually I fell asleep.


When I woke up in the morning Harry was left next to me, but everyone else had left the room. He changed the channel on the TV and wasn't at all amused. 
"They buy food." he mumbled and gave me a quick glance. "And I'll make sure you stay where you are." 
I chose not to say anything. Instead I looked at the television. Harry chose an old movie and he seemed to look at it. I looked around the room. There was a toilet, a wardrobe, a TV and a chair. It was a run-down room and I wondered if it was even was clean.


Harry took his fly down and grabbed my hand. He took out his member and forced me to grab it. 
"Masturbate." he mumbled. "I'm horny, but I'm not keen on you right now." 
I obeyed him. I started to put my hand up and down over his boner. Harry smiled and he groaned lightly. He pulled down his pants more and pulled up the shirt above the stomach. 
"Come on, faster you can!" 
I gulped and obeyed. I put my hand quickly over it and he seemed to like the feeling. He moaned louder and brought slowly hips up and down. He stared at my hand and he panted out straight. 
"Suck me!" 
I sighed. 
"Do I really have to do that?" 
He gave me a cold look. 
I bent down and let him penetrate between my lips. I brought my head up and down and I instantly felt his hands over my head. He kept the pace and he groaned higher. I felt how he almost reached all the way in, but Harry didn't care. He enjoyed and he seemed to like to force me to it.


When he came, he pulled off my head. He forced me lying on my back and knelt beside my head. He started bringing his hand quickly over it and I could feel the semen squirted straight out over my face. He groaning and was grinning at the same time. 
"This is between us ..." 
I said nothing and quickly disappeared into the bathroom. I washed my face and I got rid of the smell from my skin. Damn, that Niall found me.

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