Falling For You

Niall and Hazel been best friend since they were little, what will happen when one of them catches feelings? Will gossip go around since Niall is popular?

"The cheerleaders were whispering and everyone else was. I was pretty fucking pissed so I turned my heel and faced Niall"


1. Blondie

Hazels POV

I walk through the halls and see Niall, he comes up to me making everyone stare since he is the most popular boy in the whole school and i'm just regular girl.

"Hey Hazel." He smiles

"Hey Niall, how are you?" I chuckle

"Good, whats so funny?"

"How everyone is staring at us."

"Yeah, well I'll see you later."

We high-five and I walk to my locker, why does everything think if you talk to them that mean that they are totally into them, like that's the way it works get you facts straight and either way Niall doesn't like me.

I walk into my first period which is English with Selena, who is my best friend and Niall.

I sit in the back of the class in the corner, I write my name on the desk. Its now mine. Niall was next to me and Selena in front me. I start to get my notebook out, but then Niall passed me a note.

Hey gurl x ~Blondie

I decided to write back something retarded.

Hii, butt face! Wat you ding broo ~ Haz

I hand it to him and he looks back me and smirks, he is so fucking adorable. I am not really paying attention since its only the same thing from yesterday, way to may people weren't here. Niall hands me the note back.

Nandos for lunch? Only me and you boo x ~Blondie

Why not!!!! I write as fast as I can, the teacher doesn't care because Niall and me were here yesterday.

Why not sexy mofo!! x ~Haz 

I draw a silly face and hand it back, he reads it then stares at me. He brings his desk closer to mine. 

"So I'm some sexy mofoo." he whispers and winks

"Yes you are blondie." I whisper low enough for him to hear me..

"Psh I know right." He leans in a kisses me on my cheek.

 I blush but I hide it right away,he winks at me and moves his desk back. The bell rings and we rush out into the halls.

"I saw you blush." Niall whispered in my ear with his strong Irish accent.

I playful pushed him away.

*skip to lunch*

"Leggo!!!" Niall yells making everyone stare at us. He grabs my wrist and drags me outside to his car. I get in and sit in the front. We drove in silence. "Why are you so quiet, this isn't you. Whats wrong." Their was something I was growing something for him and getting butterflies when I see him. "Nothing really." I stare out the window.

We get to Nandos and stuffed our face. Niall payed for everything, he is to nice sometimes."Thanks!" I smiled "Your welcome, now lets get to school."                                                 

We rush into his car but he doesn't start the car, we still have 30 mintues left of lunch. He turns and stares at me straight at my hazel eyes. "Is there something on my face?" He laughs at me and shakes his head no. "Your just so damn beautiful, ya know."  I blush and try not to hide it this time.     He leans in and kisses me, I kiss him back. He stops in between and says "Your beautiful." and pecks my lips.

We drive to school and finish the day like nothing happened in the car today.


Hope you like the first chapter!!!! I know I enjoy it!

If you read this please share with friends!!! Thanks :) <3



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