In Search Of Truth

Great souls searched the cause for human sufferings and their enlightenment offered salvation to humanity in their quest for truth behind all this.


1. Quest

The white light of ultimate Truth

diffuses in rays of multiple hues

spreads purity grants fulfillment

bliss and peace reign in our existence.


All religions, off shoots of the same tree

the fruits yielded by the quest of noble spirit,

reflections of the needs of the times,

never to be judged in present perspective.


The eternal search to make the world a better place,

the spirit of altruism that visualized at the times,

those truths twisted and distorted in times,

degraded the perfect beauty of Truth

to the ugly beast of fanaticism.


Pain and grief at the world's sufferings,

agony and anguish for the liberation,

love and sacrifice their way of life,

great souls journeyed to the goal.


A pure compassion in the heart of prince,

urge to remedy the human sorrows,

quest for the Truth behind all this;

The world is blessed with the ascetic king:

prince Siddharth became sage Buddha.


Love and sacrifice of Son Of God

king of kings, His blood shed on Cross,

prayed to be forgiven for the sins of humanity,

His noble soul emerged as light of Christianity.


The search for true love, sweet and tender,

To supreme soul, total surrender,

universal love that enfolded all,

Lord Krishna enchanted men and women alike. 


The Sovereign, the Supreme glory,

Allah, the source of peace and perfection,

prophets propounded Islam,

True values framed the code of conduct.


In search of Truth, doctrines take birth,

peace and harmony to prevail on earth,

call for respect and worship,

As no religion is higher than Truth.


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