Lego Batman, Katniss, and a Couple of Random Stories

Just a few random short stories with Lego Batman and Katniss. Hope you enjoy!


1. The Cookie

    Batman sauntered down the sidewalk on his way to get a coffee. It was a sleepy Sunday afternoon, and nothing was happening. A couple of kids whizzed by on their tricycles, and a car lazily putted past Batman. Suddenly, he saw an small group of girl scouts running down the street. Normally he wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but as a superhero, his super senses detected that the few girl scouts about to mob a girl had evil intentions. He believed that their cookie-selling cover hid their real identity. They were highly trained operatives who could speak seven different languages backwards and could kill a man twenty different ways with a single thin mint. Their butterfly hair clips confirmed his suspicions of their corrupt purpose. The girl scouts target: A poor girl holding a weird curved stick and a loaf of bread on the other side of the street.

    Batman immediately grabbed a grappling hook from his back pocket and aimed for the light post above the helpless girl. Unfortunately, one of the girl scouts’ glittery shoes caught his eye as he released the weapon. It flew off target, hitting the girl’s bread, and throwing the loaf down a manhole.

    “Dang those sparkles,” He cursed silently to himself.

    The girl whirled around. “What was that for? Peeta made that especially for me?” As she said this, she shook her matted brown hair like she was in a Suave commercial and wiped the sweat off her brow like a supermodel.    

    Batman’s jaw dropped. This was the most beautifulest girl he had ever seen. Forgetting the girl scouts altogether, he strutted across the street and fell to his knees before the grimy, smelly, gorgeous, bread-hoarding, curved stick-wielding, goddess.

    “You’re one groovy chick,” He flexed his plastic muscles. Then, remembering the girl scouts, he pushed her aside. “You are in grave danger. I will protect you average citizen!”

    The little girl scouts skipped past them, ignoring Batman’s defensive stance and giggling at a pink pigeon flying past. 

    “Umm. No. Get away from me,” She adjusted her mocking jay pin and walked away. Batman stared in horror. He watched her dark braid swing back and forth as she continued down the sidewalk. After a few moments, Batman shrugged and stepped into Starbucks.

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