Hana's story

about my oc Hana and her story: Brought into the world no mother no father it is unknown how she got here lived in the forest since she was born until one day another thing just like her appeared into this deep part of the forest.


1. Time to leave

I didn't want to go I remember it clearly ,  I held them all close and pushed my face into their fur I had lived with this pack of wolves for as long as I could remember. Alana , the eldest and the strongest ,  basically my mother came up to me. Her black fur glistened with tints of silver and her blue eyes looked up at me.There was sorrow in her eyes she knew what had to be done. Alana licked my cheek gently and I whispered goodbye before the man (Stuart my tutor and teacher) grabbed my hand and walked with me.

As me and stuart walked away something in my eye ran down my face and I felt a weird feeling inside. Stuart tells me this is called being sad I don't like being sad.

His house was huge and it had a gigantic winding staircase in the east wing was a library full of books. I couldn't read yet but Stuart was going to teach me. My room was upstairs I followed him into my room and was amazed at what I saw. Stars on the ceiling just like looking up at the night sky at home , the bed was massive and covered in silk sheets , it had a canopy which was dark blue there were little silver stars sown onto it , the floor was wooden and it had an amazing rug which was large and at the far end of the room a chest of draws, a wardrobe and a little chair with a dress on it and a brown corset.


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