it's my friend's story... just read it first and you will know it! :P


1. Escape

          Ever since I was young, I was very weak. I had been imprisoned in my house for as long as I could remember. My mother would stay by my side twenty four seven. She would take care of me as if I was her precious one and only gem.


          One day, I decided to go outside of my confine. I wandered through the cities, wood and villages. I stayed at an orphan. everytime I ran away. I never got sick in my adventurous time. I never felt  more alive.


          A few years had passed. I had traveled all around the world. I decide to go back home. I found out that my mother had moved to another place. I searched with all of my effort to find her. She was also searching for me all this time. My pictures were all over the news.


          After a week, I finally found out her new address. I went there as soon as I could. As soon as she saw me infront of her house, she immediately hugged me. She brought me into the house.


          After she had fed me, she tied a rope to my neck. She did that so I could never escape from her ever again. She locked me in the house and never let me put in the sun ever again. I gradually became ill again and mother would stay with me all the time. I guessed a cat like me should have never ran away from my owner.

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