Annabeth and Annabelle

George marries an employ named Beth at Weasley's wizard wheezes but because of lack of money have to give up their first and only daughter. Oliver wood and Katie bell also give up their daughter because of lack of money. Is it just a coincidence they're at the same orphanage. Annabeth daughter of George and Beth and Annabelle daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell at best friends their lives get changed when they get accepted at Hogwarts.


1. Up for adoption

There was nothing to it George Weasley was falling in love with Beth Mareden. She was smart, funny, beautiful, everything about her was great. One day he walked up to her and invited her over for dinner and she said she would come. They quickly began to bond they were both falling in love. One day George asked her to be his girlfriend she said yes. After 6 months he proposed and of course she said yes. They had their wedding 3 months later. 

Meanwhile Oliver Wood and Katie Bell were dating for 9 months when he finally proposed. They had their wedding a month later. Their wedding was very small only family and a few friends. They held a party in Oliver's old house. 

Beth had gotten pregnant and a week later Katie got pregnant too. Nine months later they both gave birth to healthy baby girls. They were exactly 1 week apart. George and Beth's was named Annabeth. George liked the name Anna and they Beth came from Beth's name. Katie's and Oliver's was Annabelle. Oliver wanted the Bell from Katie's last name and Katie really liked the name Anna. 

They was one problem with both families lack of money. Beth and George were so worried slowly they and Annabeth began to starve. There was no other option they had to put their little Annabeth up for adoption it was the saddest moment of their lives. Oliver and Katie were losing everything they owned. They had to give up their Annabelle. The 2 girls were put in the orphanage different days but the same orphanage. 



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