You And I

Cover made by the amazing and awesome Herleen28

When in love with someone things tend go wrong people will be broken and hearts will be torn apart just like these two people right here.

Angel lost her sister a few years ago to suicide

Justin got hurt by his ex Marie

When Angel and Justin meet their whole world is turned around, Angel finds way to bring down the walls surrounding her heart and Justin finds it easy to love again but love is not a safety ride.

Join Angel and Justin in their story of Romance, Heartbreak, Past, Friendship and Mistakes.


1. 1

 I was hoping today will be a better day ever since my sister died, I didn’t let anyone it and I knew it hurt them but I couldn’t lose someone I liked again, as I ignored everyone walls around my heart began to build and now I barely do anything. I work in a book shop with a lovely old lady named Laura; she knows how much I loved my sister. My sister committed suicide last year and my parents just laughed it off not caring about anyone but themselves, I sighed to myself as I finished getting dressed, I walk to work.

I love being healthy and there is nothing wrong with that at all, right? I sighed to myself and pulled my hood up as it started to rain great just great it had to rain on today of all days. Today was my 19th birthday yes I am another year older. When I arrived at work Laura greeted me with a lovely warm hug wishing me a happy birthday.

“Thanks Laura” I said and took my spot at the customer service desk.

Laura gave me a warm smile before she exited into the back of the shop, Laura was in her mid 40’s and treated me like a daughter, she knew about my sister and was there for me the whole time while my parents weren’t even caring, all they care about is my little sister Lia to them she is just perfect. Bec my sister and I were never perfect to them, says the parents who dropped out of high school while Bec went to college and I was going to until you know.

Throughout the day we only got old ladies coming in, that’s basically what we get but sometimes young girls with their boyfriends but they never buy anything just look, I sighed to myself and placed some books to where they belonged since you know kids come in and put books wherever they want and that pisses me off, I heard the counter bell go off. Ooh a customer I walked around and smiled at the boy.

“Hi how are you today?” I asked.

“I’m good thanks” The boy said.

I smiled and scanned the books he was getting ‘Vampire Academy’ ‘One Direction Scrap book’ and “Divergent.’ I smiled at him until he spoke.

“Younger sisters” He said.

“I wasn’t going to judge even if, anyway that comes to $52.77 thanks” I said.

He gave me 60 and I gave him his change and placed the books carefully in a bag for him.

“There you go, have a nice day” I said.

“I will thanks again” He said and left the store.

Man he was cute, wait what am I thinking? I can’t like a guy I just met can I? When it became 5:30 the shop had closed, I always close up since Laura has things on which I don’t mind at all I started to walk home when a black range rover pulled up beside me, the door opened to reveal the boy I had served today in the shop.

“Hey get in” He said sweetly

But I couldn’t I had just me him, “No thanks I’m good” I replied back.

I could see him tensing.

“GET IN” He shouted, nodded and little scared I could tell the regret on his face.

I closed the door and he drove off.

“Look I’m sorry for yelling at you, I just didn’t want you walking home alone in this weather anyway I’m Justin” The boy who claimed to be Justin said.

“Angel” I said.

But I can’t let him in if I did he would probably get hurt or worse, everyone around me dies or treats me like I’m nothing. Well apart Laura, I looked at Justin and told him my address.

“A few streets down from me” Justin smiled.

I smiled back to be polite but I was still scared but maybe I could try and be friends with him, I haven’t had any since Bec died since I shut them out and well they had left I felt bad but losing someone so close to you hurts. When Justin arrived at me place, I thanked him and got out of his car walking to my front door, Justin had driven off when he knew I was inside safely.

“Where were you?” My mother asked me.

“At work” I said.

“You know you can’t date Angel” She said.

“He’s just a friend and who are you to tell what I can and can’t do. Did you forget what today is?” I asked knowing she did.

My mum looked confused, I rolled my eyes and made my way in to my room and shut my door, my own parents don’t even remember my birthday what a great family huh. I wish Bec was still here she would have taken me out she always did every year since our parents were busy with work which pissed us off only because they had time for Lia but not us.


Justin’s POV


When I arrived home after dropping Angel off I noticed she was pretty quiet in the car, most girls I know talk a lot but maybe Angel is different, I want to get to know her but I am scared. My last relationship wasn’t the best Marie my ex hurt me a lot in the relationship and when we broke up she went into a meltdown and her brother came around and almost broke my nose. I knew than I couldn’t trust another girl like Marie but Angel is no way near Marie, Angel looks broken just like I do. I hope Angel gives me a chance, maybe tomorrow I will ask if she wants to hang I know where she works and lives, I want to get to know Angel I need a few more friends most of the friends I have are men I need some girl friends that I can talk to and go shopping with and no I am not gay but one of my sisters Willow loves to shop.

“Justin when are you going to date again?” Willow asked.

“I don’t know yet Willow maybe soon” I answered her question.


Willow and I live together since I was sick of my parent’s rules, Willow and I have always been close and when I left Willow wanted to come with me and I let her come and Willow couldn’t be happier. She has a boyfriend named Patrick who I very wary about he is a nice guy and all, he is also hot and I don’t want my little sister to get hurt, Willow is 19 and studying animal studies in Uni. I sighed to myself and went into the kitchen where I made dinner for Willow and I since she would be studying I know it’s in the middle of the second trimester of Uni and she has exams at the end and she loves to be prepared for anything but sometimes it scares me because she stays up in the middle of the night just to study and I know that is bad. After a long and silent dinner we both disappeared into our rooms and went to sleep, tomorrow was going to be a long day since I work in a guitar shop and Christmas sales are on.

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