The Switch

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  • Published: 20 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Mandy and Trisha have always been really close, they always shared their secrets, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes...but when these twins have a crush on the same guy, everything falls apart.

Some boy they never met shows up and warns them that if they don't make up soon, everything will change.

Next thing they knew they switched bodies...

And if they thought things couldn't get any weirder they find out that this was all done by someone named 'Devil'...


15. Chapter fifteen

I can't stop thinking about her.

Yeah i can see her whenever i want, but its just not the same as actually talking to her

I really hope that Harold's plan is good.

He still didn't tell me what it was.

"Sir i have your mail." One of my servants said.

Yeah i had servants, it was so weird, i just wanted to be treated normally.

"Thank you, oh and you can call me Cameron." I took the envelope from her and she walked off.

I tore it open and pulled out a sheet of paper.

It read:


I talked with the other professors and convinced them to let you watch Trisha from earth. Of course every once and awhile you can come up to visit your loved ones. You can leave as soon as you want to.


No way!

No Guardian i was allowed to stay in the human world.

I guess being The Guardian pays off.

I was so excited that i ran all the way to Alison's house.

She opened the door and i practically burst through the door.

"I can live in the human world!" I said jumping up and down.

Alison's face fell. "I'm happy for you but you do realize that means leaving everything behind."

"I can visit every once in a while." I said.

"Then why don't you just visit there every once in a while?" She asked annoyed.

I thought it would be difficult, though either way it will be difficult.

Could i really leave my home.

"I can only have one can't i?" I asked.

"If you really want both I'm sure you can make it work." She said.

I knew exactly what i was going to do.


I had to start facing the fact that i was never going to see him again.

I had to move on.

"Trisha, what did you get for number eight?" Sara asked snapping back to reality.

"I got sixty one point two." I said.

"Damn it, what did i do wrong this time?"

"The four is negative." Someone said.

I looked up to find...Cameron!

"Oh my god! What are you doing here!?" I asked jumping out of my seat to give him a hug.

"Well i had a choice of living here but i found that i would miss my loved ones too much so i am going to come and visit you every chance i get." He said smiling.

"No way! This is amazing!" I said jumping up and down.


Sorry for the short chapter, I'm having trouble figuring out where this book is going. Thanks to everyone reading! I really appreciate it!:)


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