Misaddressed Love

Who Knew One Simple Writing Mistake Could Bring Two People From Total Opposite Worlds Together?
Two People With The Same Thoughts,
Nothing Could Go Bad Right?
You See There's This Little Thing Called Love...


5. Dear Luke


Dear Luke,


I can’t help it, I’m a cheesy kind of girl. It sounds to me as if you’ve never fell in love, or even felt like you have, and I pity you for that. Maybe someday you’ll find a girl who is just as much as an ass as you are, and you’ll both listen to heavy metal in your parents basement, while wearing your cute little couple snapbacks. I’m not stuck up for your information, I’m actually a down to earth person, I’m just annoyed by the fact you think you know all this stuff about mine and Ethan’s relationship when you don’t. I now fully regret writing that stupid letter, it was a risky decision, I admit, and I didn’t think it through, or look it through for that fact, or else I wouldn’t be writing you right now. Actually I did get that you are brutally honest through your writing, but I have to also admit that what you wrote was actually a really good poetic thing to say. I mean it didn’t rhyme which would have made it ten times cooler but whatever. For once I’m going to agree, that your actually right, prince charming these days are nothing like in the stories, but Luke you have to understand that not all princes or princesses are millionaires or royalty, sometimes your prince or princess could simply be a waiter at a crappy coffee shop or even a NYC taxi driver.


~ Clara







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