Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


11. the park!

lacies pov

we walk to the park and i go to the swings and wait for Luke. ''WAIT FOR ME!!" he yells and i laugh. he comes and sits in the swing next to me. we start swinging, Ashton and Hannah are on the slides, Micheal and Calum on the monkey bars,and everyone else is playing on the football (soccer) field. ''ASHTON, HANNAH COME AND PLAY!" They yell. ugh i hate this boot, i get a call from my doctor ''Hello Miss Horan, it turns out you dont need that boot unless your leg starts hurting'' he say and i smile ''thank you doctor, goodbye'' i say and hang up i put my phone in my pocket and rip the boot off my foot and jump off the swing ''Lacie? what are you doing?!?!" Luke asks jumping off the swing. ''doctor says i dont need this unless my foot hurts'' i say and grab his hand. i pull him to the field ''I DONT NEED THE BOOT!'' i yell and throw my shoe on the ground and run to the field ''good thing its no shoes in this game'' Hannah says ''C'mon Luke!" i yell he takes his shoes of and comes to the field. i grab the ball and go to the middle of the field ''OK come on!'' i yell and everyone comes to the middle ''team captains, Irish ones. Niall and i'' i say tossing the ball around ''I want Louis'' i say and he runs over to me ''yeah! Shamrock and the Tommo!" he yells ''Harry'' Niall says ''Luke'' i say and Luke runs over to me ''YEA!" he yells and puts me on his shoulders. ''Micheal'' niall says ''Ashton'' ''Calum'' he responds ''Hannah'' i say ''Zayn'' he says. i jump off of Luke ''goalie?" i ask ''me!''Hannah yells and runs to her position. ''ok you guys got this?'' i ask ''yup!" they say and we start the game. so far its 1-1 tied the next point wins. louis has the ball then Micheal steals it. special attack, i take the ball and run with it. i kick it between Harry's legs then take back Niall tries to get it but i yell ''IS THAT MICHEAL BLUBLE?" and he looks the other way and i pass him and i'm not even close to the goal but i step back and kick it. it flies into their goal pass Liam ''YES WE WIN!" Luke yells and picks me up ''YEAH!!! THE TOMMO'S TEAM WIN!" lou yells i look at him ''THIS IS MY TEAM!" I yell he shrugs and Luke swings me around ''KIDS TIME TO COME HOME!'' My mum yells at the entrance of the park ''K MUM!" I yell back. Luke lets me down and everyone runs out of the park. i shiver and Luke gives me his sweatshirt ''Thanks babe'' i say and put it on ''welcome'' he says and puts his shoes on but falls. i laugh and he just lays there. i just lay on top of him ''thank you i'm warm now'' he laughs i just kiss him. i pull out of the kiss ''Lacie, I love you'' he says playing with my hair ''i love you too'' i say and look up at him and smile. ''lets go'' i say getting up ''OK'' he groans. he gets up and grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. ''i like you in my clothes'' he says picking my boot up ''i like them too. they're comfy. you don't have to carry the boot'' i say and try to grab it ''no! i am carrying it!" he tells me and holds it up so i can't reach it ''ok you win'' i say as we walk up to the door.

Hannah's pov 

AHHHH!!! Ashton and i hid to watch Luke and Lacie. i know, creepy. but THEY SAID ILY!!! AHHH ''ahhh!'' i squeal ''they said it!'' i say and we walk to my house. ''hey Dad!" i tell my dad that is sitting on the porch.''hey Hannah, Ashton''

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